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Lilymud Staff Feb 14th, 2006 06:06 PM

Fun and Games Forum rules: Please read
Welcome to the Fun and Games forum! Before you start exploring this forum, please review the following guidelines. Moderators and administrators are going to be enforcing these rules, so please get familiar with them sooner rather than later.

What is this forum?
The Fun and Games forum is a place to have fun: play bulletin board games with other members, participate in quizzes and memes, share funny photos and movies, and in general kick back and be amused.

What is this forum not?
This forum is not a place to carry on conversations (that is what instant messaging is for), post offensive or vulgar material (please read the FAQ regarding acceptable content on Lilymud), or talk about how much you like drinking coffee (that is what personal weblogs are for). While this forum encourages having fun and being a little silly, it does not in any way encourage senseless babble or spam.

What happened to the Silly Forum?
The Silly Forum got to a point where it was completely unmanageable. Moderators and administrators simply could not keep up with threads that grew by the second, and in general many members took the liberty to waste Lilymud resources (such as disk space and bandwidth) and pretend that the usual Lilymud rules did not apply to them. Because of this, it was necessary to completely restructure the meaning of "Silly" on Lilymud.

What kinds of new rules apply here?
First and foremost, the normal Lilymud rules still apply to this forum. In addition, there are a few other things to keep in mind:
  • Threads that go over 1000 replies are subject to closure by staff members. If/when this happens, simply create a new thread with the a similar name and continue from there.
  • There are to be absolutely no "chatroom"-like threads. These grow far too quickly to be monitored properly and are completely not acceptable behavior for bulletin boards like Lilymud. Members who wish to chitchat should do so via private messaging, instant messaging chatrooms or by other means. This shall not be done with threads.
  • All content here should be kept at the "G" level, or at the absolute most "PG". Anything that would be unsuitable for members under 15 years old should not be posted here.

What are some examples of things that are and are not allowed here?
  • Writing a story one word at a time
  • Posting amusing screengrabs from TLK or other movies
  • Challenging people to come up with the funniest word
  • Adding silly subtitles to existing movies
  • Changing a sentence one word at a time
  • Linking to amusing online games or utilities
Not allowed:
  • Creating threads whose only point is to be random
  • Playing games that insult or are derogatory to other members, nationalities, etc.
  • Linking to illegal games or game sites
  • Using personally-identifiable information in games

If you have any questions about the Fun and Games forum, feel free to send a PM to any of the moderators or administrators.

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