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Timitu Oct 28th, 2017 05:16 AM

Secret Santa 2017 Sign Ups
Lilymud's 16th Annual Secret Santa Sign Ups

Welcome to the 16th year of the Lilymud Secret Santa Project. It has been 16 years so lets make this a good one. Spread the word.

What is the Secret Santa Project? (For New Members):

It is just like an art trade in many ways. But you do not know who is drawing for you in return. (Obviously that means you can't tell the person you are drawing for that you are doing their picture.)
Once you have decided to sign up you will fill out the information near the end of this post with your own information. This is to tell the person drawing for you what characters of yours they can draw for you.
At the date assigned below you will be sent an e-mail to the e-mail you have provided telling you who you will be drawing for. Keeping it secret you will come back to this page and find their information and draw a picture for them. Instead of sending it to them, send it to me. I keep all the pictures safe till the day they are assigned to be sent out. At that point within about 4 hours everyone will have their picture in their e-mails and at that point once the secret is out you will be allowed to post the picture you made in any public gallery.

Rules and Information:

Usual Rules apply still.

You have to do a picture
It must be your own work
And keep it secret.

Also I am bringing back an old one again. There needs to be at least two colours in the background. Digital or real media needs this. Unless there is a major reason to do it in black and white please do a picture in colour. If you are new to the project I need to be able to see you have done a picture for someone else in the past. A request or art trade. You do not need to post it, I will go to your gallery and find one. If I can not find any I will contact you. Pictures made for the project should be able to be viewed by all ages since all ages can take part.

NOTE: If you have not taken part for a couple of years and want to join back in, please note that I have a new e-mail. If you have taken part in any in the past year, it is the same e-mail you guys used.

Important Dates:

(If you have a phone or anything you keep important dates in you may want to put some of these in with some reminders if you are forgetful. As things happen I will turn the text back to normal instead of bold. This way if you are waiting for something you can come here and easily see if I have done it or not.)

October 28th 2017 - Sign Ups Open
November 20th 2017 - Sign Ups Close
November 21st 2017 - Names will be e-mailed out
December 15th 2017 - First Deadline (Check your e-mail if not finished)
December 22nd 2017 - Final Deadline
December 25th 2017 - Pictures go out (Around 6AM EST)

Sign Up Information:
To sign up please fill out the information below and post it below or e-mail it to me If you need help understanding what you should put for each category please go here. You will need at least one cat-like character. (Anthros are fine but allow people to draw them in feral form if they are the one character you have that is feline.)

(If you are a long time member you may want to redo your sign up information rather than just copying and pasting from previous years. There is a lot of new stuff and often links do not work when you copy and past it. Or your e-mail may be old.)

TIP: You can post between 1 and 5 characters. Before you start think of how many characters you wish to add. Copy and paste the stuff for the characters that many times and that way you can easily add the information for your characters without getting mixed up.


Artist Name:
Religious Picture:
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?)

Character Name:
Character Page: (Example)
Extra Pictures:
Brief History:
Anything to say:


Check out past Secret Santa pictures at the places below -

Pages: Facebook , Deviant Art

Old Videos: Secret Santa Youtube Playlist


If your name is in RED it means you wont be allowed back next year. (Shown after the final deadline)
If your name is in PURPLE it means you have dropped out. People in GREEN are not talking and could be removed. (Anyone with a * beside their name has an approved extension till December 23rd. If for any reason they find the time and get theirs in before the final deadline that will be removed. If they use the extension it will remain on and their name will appear bold as they finish.)
If your name is BOLD that means you have your picture in. (Your responsibility to keep an eye on your name and make sure we have received your picture.)

Zorayda *
Sukala A.P.
Serge Stiles
Orca Owl
KanuTGL *
Timba twotail
Kasei *
Willow Fengs
Blazing Black Mage *
Leorgathar *


Zorayda Oct 28th, 2017 09:56 PM

Artist Name: Zorayda
Website: Tumblr
Religious Picture: No thanks! It also doesn't even need to be Christmas/winter related if you prefer!
First Secret Santa?: Nope! I've done this 3 or 4 times now, I think?

Character Name: Zorayda (fursona/main)
Species: winged lioness
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Bubbly, affectionate, humorous, outgoing, ditzy
Brief History: She doesn't really have one, she's just my avatar/personality online :3
Anything to say: My favorite types of backgrounds with Zor are nighttime/starry sky ones!

Character Name: Jasttor Bloodmaw
Species: Bronze Dragonborn (D&D)
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Lawful Good. Will always strive to do the right thing. Proud, hates being wrong. Young and trusting, sometimes a bit naive and hotheaded.
Brief History: Jasttor grew up only knowing death and fear, running always from their enemy--a green dragonborn clan devoted to Tiamat, dedicated to hunting them down. His sister was killed, and his parents wanted to keep running rather than get revenge. Enraged, Jasttor rejected this and found his own revenge before devoting his life to becoming a Paladin of Bahamut, fighting Tiamat and her followers.
Anything to say: Jasttor has a romantic interest, so please don't put him with anyone! His armor is inspired by Vikings.

Character Name: King
Species: Volcanic Dragon
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: None
Personality: Old, intelligent, powerful, intimidating and greedy. Your typical fairytale dragon
Brief History: None really, just a really old greedy dragon who has a hoard in a volcano. He murders anyone who tries to steal it.
Anything to say: Have fun with this guy! He's really cool.

Sukala Oct 30th, 2017 01:38 PM

Artist Name: Sukala A.P.


Websites: and

Religious Picture: I'd use the ''Christmas'' term, if you may.

First Secret Santa?: Nope.


Character Name: Sukala

Species: Cougar/Mountain lion/Puma/Whatever it is called.


Character Page: None

Extra Pictures:

Personality: feisty, middle tempered, imaginative, protective, witty, smart, friendly, shy and sometimes a little ''crazy''. Can be aggressive if we brutally put her out of her personal space or make fun of her.

Brief History: Solitary she-cougar who loves drawing. Don't ask how she manages to do so with her paws. You're in a cartoon universe. And she is an environmental activist. She HATES products with palm oil in the ingredients.

Character Name: Msanii

Species: Lilac Breasted Roller (Bird)


Character Page: None

Extra Pictures:

Personality: Feisty, crafty, imaginative, smart, ambitious, witty, willing, adventurous, youthful, ''crazy'', friendly, a bit headstrong and sometimes awkward.

Brief History: *SPOILERS* Msanii is a resident of the Pride Lands living in the ''Tree of Life'' along with Makili. He likes to paint things using his feet and feathers he snatches off him.

Anything to say: The Secret Santa of this year sounds incredibly fun! Yeah, pretty much like every year, but we'll still have fun! :D

Serge Stiles Oct 30th, 2017 10:06 PM

Artist Name: Serge Stiles
Religious Picture: I'll enjoy any picture that doesn't look related to Christmas at all, or a nice winter one! YAY WINTER
First Secret Santa?: Nope! :) I didn't do it for a while, but I did last year's!

Simple character---Keeton!

Character Name: Keeton
Species: Cat
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Shy, but sweet. Depends a lot on his fox friend, Cole.

Complicated character---Serge!

Character Name: Serge Stiles
Species: Irish Demon Android
Reference: (Sorry it looks so complicated. He's really just a pointy noodle!)
Extra Pictures: (Includes his female AU, Seanna! And his newer tiny pointy toesies.)
Personality: He's creepy and cute at the same time!

One between simple and complicated---Kriss!

Character Name: Kriss
Species: Foxcat
Character Page: (nothing there yet, oop)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Imaginative and bouncy. Is very tiny and likes to get into tiny places and be in comfortable balls for naps and stuff. Happy on the outside!
Brief History: There is not much history with him, he's just a cute little foxcat making his way in the world, trying to be cute.

<3! Cheers!

lionobsession Nov 1st, 2017 08:34 AM

Artist Name: lionobsession
Religious Picture: I honestly don't mind! Whatever you feel like doing!
First Secret Santa?: Nope

Character Name: Chimalsi
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: and
Personality: Cheeky, loyal, proud, loving, brave, courageous, flirtatious
Brief History: Son of Kovu and Kiara, mate to Nabii. Had a tough childhood as he professed his love for Dafina but she wasn't interested in him.

Character Name: Nabii
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Warm, kind, thoughtful, quiet, loving, gentle
Brief History: She was raised by hyenas before escaping into the Pridelands and meeting Chimalsi. They soon fell in love and had three sons.

Character Name: Dafina
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: (adult) and (cub)
Personality: Intelligent, playful, scheming, fun, bubbly, honest
Brief History: She is the daughter of Vitani and Kopa and is very like her mother. She met Ajali in the Pridelands as a cub and stayed with him ever since.

Character Name: Ajali
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Nervous, worried, anxious, kind, thoughtful, timid
Brief History: He was a son of two rogues. His mother was killed in a hunting accident and his father, consumed by grief, told him to run away, which he did. He went to Pride Rock and lived there with Dafina.

Character Name: Bakari
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: and
Personality: Much like his father, brave, proud, courageous, thoughtful, kind, loving
Brief History: Stayed with his parents and his two brothers until their teens until he had to flee for his life and return to Pride Rock much later as a fully grown adult and take over the pride.

Anything to say: Chimalsi, Nabii, Dafina and Ajali are all the same age. Bakari is the next generation. You don't have to have them all in the same picture - I just supplied this many so you get the choice of who you want to draw.

orca owl Nov 1st, 2017 11:07 AM

Artist Name: Orca Owl
Website: deviantART | TLKFAA | FurAffinity | Tumblr | Twitter
Religious Picture?: General Christmas themed is OK (not religious)
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?): No, this is my 11th year

Character Name: Orco
Species: Lioness
Reference: link
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: link | link | link
Personality: intelligent, spiritual, intuitive, withdrawn. Likes nature and quiet, peaceful places. Is drawn to the ocean, space, forests.
Brief History: N/A

Anything to say: If you would like to draw more than one character, feel free to draw Orco with her partners Spikie (brown dog - personality: happy couch potato dog, creative, likes video games) and Charlie (yellow dog - personality: happy athletic/active dog, romantic). Here are some references: link | link | link | link

If you only would like to draw only one character, please draw Orco, thank you!

M-WingedLioness Nov 1st, 2017 11:42 AM

Artist Name: M-WingedLioness
Religious Picture: No, I would like a Christmas or winter theme
First Secret Santa?: It's my third SS ;)

Character Name: Kalla
Species: Lioness
Reference: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...ence-653493126
Extra Pictures: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...ants-575191871
Personality: cheerful, nice, helpful, protective, sometimes childish and tearful
Brief History: Kalla doesn't have a complicated story. She lives with mate Keddy and their little daughter Layla in the pride in Lion's Glade. They are very happy. That's all xD

Character Name: Keddy
Species: Lion
Reference: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...sign-688434253
Extra Pictures: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...tart-493924772 (it's a picture with his old design)
Personality: nice, calm, sensitive, caring, sometimes stressed out
Brief History: He lives with his mate Kalla and their little daughter Layla in the pride in Lion's Glade. He loves his beautiful ladies and he could do everything for them. Sometimes he has problems with his older brother therefore his stressed out. But always he can always count on Kalla's help.

Character Name: Layla
Species: Lion cub
Reference: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...ence-688434931
Extra Pictures: https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...scue-689786317
Personality: cheerful, funny, nosy, helpful, lovely
Brief History: Layla lives with their parents Kalla and Keddy in the pride in Lion's Glade. She likes to explore the world. She wants to know everything.

Anything to say: I hope it wouldn't be a problem for you if you could draw all my three characters with Christmas or winter background. It could be a warm or funny scene. Thank you :)

P.s. Kalla is lower than the adult lionesses and Keddy is higher than the adult lions. Here you can see how they look, when they're sitting together https://m-wingedlioness.deviantart.c...veds-341389411
Have fun with drawing ^^

KanuTGL/Axell Nov 2nd, 2017 01:53 AM


Artist Name: KanuTGL
E-mail: abjorkman783[at]
Website: &
Religious Picture: No thanks, but "general" Christmassy things is fine!
First Secret Santa?: Nope! (11th now, I think!)

Character Name: Kanu
Species: Lion
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Outgoing, thoughtful, friendly, independent, courageous, a leader, short-tempered.
Brief History: She has lived with her pride all her life and is, as the king's eldest daughter, next in line for leadership. Every now and then she has ventured out on journeys to explore the world, but she always returns to her pride in the end.

Character Name: Axell
Species: Lion
Reference Picture: (drawing by AnnChovi/Sami)
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Kind, quiet, compassionate, loving, shy, indecisive.
Brief History: ?

Character Name: Karasu
Species: Chi Cat (species by AnnieHyena)
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Eccentric, kind, intelligent, curious, whimsical.
Brief History: He lives alone on the outskirts of a small village and has gone a little bit feral - other Chi Cats tend to stay clear of him due to his wild appearance. He’s fascinated with the art of healing and both grows and gathers various herbs to experiment with. Some say that a lot of his eccentric ways stem from prolonged exposure to the strange herbs he collects… and there may be some truth in that. But he is very intelligent and often notices the small things that others miss.

Character Name: Tri
Species: Dog
Reference Picture:
Extra Pictures:
Character Personality traits: Loyal, brave, cautious, anxious.
Brief History: Tri is a British Word War I messenger dog. Previously a farm dog, he was given to the army by his owner and taken to the battlefields of France. There, alongside his companion dogs, he has the incredibly dangerous task of running messages through trenches and across no-man's land. He is good at his job, but doesn't enjoy it and would much rather be back at his farm.

Anything to say: Kanu and Axell exist within the same universe. The other characters are separate and have nothing to do with each other. Also I love winter themes for these pictures! Have fun! ^__^

Timitu Nov 2nd, 2017 01:50 PM

Artist Name: Tartii
Religious Picture: Christian is fine, but you are not obligated to do so!! <3
First Secret Santa?: Nope!

Character Name: Tartii
Species: Florida Panther
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Friendly, Spunky, Tomboy, Mischevious, Thoughtful
Anything to say: To you whom get my Secret Santa App, I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope this year has been kind! If not, let's make 2018 amazing!!! <3

Character Name: Serafine
Species: Jaguar
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Independent, graceful, dominant, affectionate

Kitchiki Nov 2nd, 2017 03:27 PM

WHEEEE! I look forward to this every year!

Artist Name: Kitchiki
Religious Picture: No
First Secret Santa?: No (8th)

Character Name: Kitchiki
Species: Fantasy Big Cat

Extra Pictures:

Personality: (check ref)
Brief History: Fursona since 2006


Character Name: FebzHyena
Species: spotted hyena

Extra Pictures:

Personality: Check ref
Brief History: Secondary fursona

Thanks for doing this Timitu <3 It's like a little bit of the good ol' days is still with us! I look forward to it every single year!

Timitu Nov 3rd, 2017 05:42 AM

Artist Name: Lemur-Cat
Religious Picture: no
First Secret Santa?: First Secret Santa with you, but I've done a couple other Secret Santas and similar art exchanges

Character Name: LC
Species: cat/lemur hybrid but mostly cat
Reference: Anthro version: (color) (b&w)
Character Page: none
Extra Pictures:
Personality: nerdy, bookish, INFJ
Brief History: no official history
Anything to say:
Here is her lion version: (sorry it's kinda unrealistic)
And hyena version: (quite pleased with this one actually)
Either of these or an anthro or "feral" version would be fine! (Or any of the other versions, but those are the most feline and/or TLK-friendly.)
If she needs a lion friend, here is a character I was gifted (no name yet unfortunately):

Timba tt Nov 5th, 2017 08:09 AM

Artist Name: Timba twotail
First Secret Santa?: Nope!
Religious Picture: I don't mind

Character Name: Timba
Species: Cheetah
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Quite eccentric, is a trickster of sorts, enjoys tea
Brief History: began his existance as a lion, died, reborn as cheetah, died, reborn as cheetah again, died, reborn as cheetah again, still alive

Pamuya Nov 5th, 2017 08:18 PM

It took me so long to remember my password and it wouldn't send any of the password reset emails. But I got in! I missed last year out of forgetfulness and realized too late, so I made a point to get in this year!

Artist Name: Pamuya
Website: tumblr 1 (occasional 18+, warnings on left sidebar) / tumblr 2, FurAffinity (mature content marked as such and hidden for general only viewing option), TLKFAA
Religious Picture: No thank you
First Secret Santa?: Nope, participated in at least 4

Character Name: Pamuya
Species: Jaguar
Reference: Main Ref
Character Page: None (I didn't know these were a thing, that's so cool)
Extra Pictures: extra 1 extra 2 In plushie form with artist credits
Personality: Often playful and silly, she loves to joke with and lovingly tease friends. Of course, as a jaguar, she is also a silent, focused, proud, and proud hunter. She loves to swim and can be just as silent in the water as she is on land.
Brief History: Fursona since 2006, has gone through species (and thus design) changes but she has remained my me since before I joined TLKFAA

Character Name: Mngwa
Species: Spotted Hyena/Gnoll
Reference:Main Ref (feel free to make the not-quite-black colors the same)
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: TLK-styled badge very old collab Furvilla 'paintie'
Personality: She is often irritable and snarky but she does love a good trick. She is very smart and uses that to her advantage when she wants to be mischievous. As a gnoll she doesn't talk much, but she is a strong tank and a heavy-hitter with her preferred morningstar weapon. She will not hesitate to rush an enemy to protect her teammates.
Brief History: An adopted character, no real character history.
Anything to say: Can be either feral, or bipedal as a gnoll (D&D). The scars on her head are not necessary and are only on her gnoll design.

I love and miss you all and i'm sad that Sketcher is gone because browsers don't support java anymore, but I'm so glad that we have a drawpile now! I just discovered it while grabbing artist links. (now i need to learn how to use drawpile lol)

Kasei Nov 6th, 2017 01:46 PM

Artist Name: Kasei
Website: (or anything in my sig for online art gallery stuff)
Religious Picture: I am a Christian but don't feel obligated to do anything religious unless you want to. :) Winter/Holiday theme or just a drawing of whoever is fine, thanks for drawing for me! :D
First Secret Santa?: Nooope

Character Name: Cliff
Species: Lion
Reference: [1]
Character Page: [click]
Extra Pictures:[1] [2] [3][4]
Personality: Has a lot of responsibility placed on his shoulders that he doesn't quite know what to do with, so he can be a bit too serious/brooding at times. Was a pretty carefree cub though, if a bit reactionary.
Brief History: Second born, doesn't like the way his brother thinks and feels frustrated that no one listens to him about it growing up. Was chased out of pride by his brother, Flint, after being suspected of a coup. So yeah, a bit of tension in the family. Feels unqualified to lead but finds himself in that position anyway quite often. Romantic interest in Osprey initially but falls for Oriole eventually.

Character Name: Flint
Species: Lion
Reference: [1]
Character Page: [click]
Extra Pictures:[1] [2]
Personality: Manipulative, Enigmatic, Deep thinker, Trust issues, Innovative mind--he's always coming up with new ideas to benefit the pride from his point of view; many of which are so outside of tradition it worries his pridemates
Brief History: First born and brother to Cliff. Detached ruler, firmly convinced he is doing the right thing but is really a tyrant. Always felt out-of-sync with pridemates growing up, partially due to the prophecies surrounding his birth/coloration. Becomes paranoid as he grows up and takes leadership of the pride after death of his father. Doesn't trust anyone. Wants to secure prosperity of pride above all else. Had a brief cubhood crush on Osprey.

Character Name: Oriole
Species: lion
Reference: [1]
Character Page: [click]
Extra Pictures: [1]
Personality: Calm, loyal, she's the wise and level-headed one of the group, though she rarely speaks up as a cub/adolescent and prefers to observe.
Brief History: Incredibly close to her twin sister, Osprey, she has always been a steadfast presence and great listener. She has a very strong moral compass but getting her to act on her feelings is another matter. Not one to churn waters, she stays behind at first when Cliff is driven off. But eventually seeks him out as she has been secretly in love with him since cubhood. Used to being in her sister's shadow in the skills department, she is definitely shy and insecure until she comes into her own as an adult as an indispensable pillar of strength and wisdom for her friends and pridemates.

Character Name: Osprey
Species: lion
Reference: [1]
Character Page: [click]
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Lively cub who was full of joy, suddenly changes to a cold and guarded individual as an adolescent. She is a highly skilled huntress and ferocious in a fight.
Brief History: Very close to her slightly larger twin, Oriole, she comes to rely on her sister's strength as she matures. Osprey distances herself from the others mysteriously as an adolescent and devotes all of her time to hunting, becoming quite skilled. Leaves with Oriole in search of Cliff & Riley after they are run off by Flint...mostly because the thought of being alone without Oriole terrifies her. Eventually develops feelings for Riley.

Character Name: Riley
Species: lion
Reference: [1]
Character Page: [click]
Extra Pictures: [1]
Personality: Endlessly optimistic, great sense of direction (literally and metaphorically), very grounded and open, comes off as a bit of a flake in his youth until his idealism is eventually tempered with the levity of experience
Brief History: Raised by a lone lioness and doesn't quite understand pride dynamics, he was abandoned as a cub and survived by hiding in muck to mask his scent. As a result, he has a habit of rolling on the ground constantly to cover himself in whatever is lying about. Thus has a very unkempt look about him, his thick, matted mane is often full of sticks and usually covers his eyes. He is very afraid of/nervous around water. Cliff discovered him as a cub and helped him survive by bringing him bits of the pride's kills, though as a result Riley is quite undernourished during his developing years and has a much slighter frame than the others. He is fiercely devoted to Cliff and has a crush on Osprey.

Anything to say: If someone else strikes your fancy instead, feel free to draw one of them.

Tru Nov 8th, 2017 02:12 PM

Artist Name: Tru
Website Link: DA-Main-DA-Fanart-TLKFAA
Religious Picture: I'd prefer not if it's all the same <3
First Secret Santa?: Nope, actually my 10th year, WOOO!

Character Name: Tru
Species: Lioness
Character Page:Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Fiesty-Tenacious-Outspoken
Brief History: Tru is a feisty and ferocious young lioness. She is a skilled huntress. She is also a very loving and loyal to her mate, who she has known since they were young cubs. She definitely has an attitude and is never afraid to speak her mind, no matter what the situation and she isn't afraid to fight for what is right.

Character Name: Barrett
Species: Lion
Reference: Click
Character Page: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Calm-Collected-Go with the flow
Brief History: He doesn't let much bother him and tried to to be too confrontational. He is a bit of a live and let live type of guy, but that would stop him from fighting for those he loves, especially his mate Tru

Character Name: Spirit
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Gentle-Shy-Introverted-Caring
Brief History: A young adult wolf who lives with her mate, West She is very shy and quiet, but once you get to know her can be very outgoing.She is fiercely loyal and very protective of those who she loves.

Character Name: West
Species: Wolf
Reference: Click
Extra Pictures: 1 2 3
Personality: Aloof-Brave-Loyal-Grumpy
Brief History: West is a very steadfast and brave wolf. He is willing to jump to the aid of someone else at the risk of his own life. He cares deeply for his mate and would never let anything bad happen to her. He doesn't have many friends, but those he does have, he will stand by through thick and thin.

Character Name: Jave
Species: Jack Rabbit
Reference: Click
Personality: Rambunctious-Adventurous-Surly and/or Goofy(Depends on his mood)
Brief History: Jave is a desert nomad, having been born and raised in the Mojave. He offers tours to folks and works as a trail guide. His biggest dream is so travel to Australia.

Anything to say:
-Spirit and West are a couple, as are Tru and Barrett but you can draw any of them on their own as well.
-Jave can be drawn by himself or with any of the characters listed as a friend.
Have fun with it!

Timitu Nov 10th, 2017 03:49 PM

Artist Name: Willow Fengs
Website: and
Religious Picture: No thank you!
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?) No on both counts, #5!

Character Name: Kivuli
Species: Tigon
Character Page: (hasn't been updated in ages)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Quiet, calm, friendly
Brief History: Just my old gal I've been drawing since May 2009 and acted as my 'sona on the archive.
Anything to say: Have fun, and happy holidays!

TerraTimberWolf Nov 10th, 2017 05:56 PM

Artist Name: TerraTimberWolf
E-mail: See PM



Religious Picture: No thank you! You aren't required to make it Christmas or winter themed either if that's not what you prefer to draw at the time!
First Secret Santa?: Nah!

Character Name: Terra (my main fursona!)
Species: timber wolf
Character Page: (I hope Toyhouse links are ok, if not I can remove it!)
Extra Pictures:
Back view -
Her necklace -
(and a clothing pinterest board if need be!) -
Personality: tomboyish, steely, passionate, intuitive, and distrustful. She has a softer, compassionate side (and is actually very sensitive) but does her best to hide it.
Brief History: she's my avatar online, but she lives in an apocalyptic universe! She joins a band of actors and performers and starts a revolution with them against a corrupt government.
Anything to say: she can be drawn feral (non-anthro) if that is what you are more comfortable with! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE FUN!! AH!

Character Name: Dakota (my emergency kitty incase you're uncomfy w doggos!)
Species: bobcat
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: She's a pastel punk girl, she's very sweet but can also kick butt. Probably in a motorcycle gang. Yeah.
Brief History: Her storyis not developed yet!
Anything to say: This lady belongs to my partner! Sadly I don't have any well developed big cat OCs to share yet! Also like Terra, she can be drawn feral!

Timitu Nov 11th, 2017 08:21 AM

Artist name: Twister4eva
Religious Picture: No
First Secret Santa?: No. I think 4th?

Character Name: Dureau
Species: lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Is headstrong, cocky, and often acts without thinking.
He has an athletic build and has an energetic and enthusiastic attitude.
Brief History: Dureau was born to a family known as the "Grasslands Pride". He has three sisters, and two older brothers~ One was to take over the leadership from their father, while the other decided to leave the pride and see the world on his own. Dureau was devastated at the leave of his brother "Rian" and vowed to also leave when he was old enough. He wants to find his idolized sibling so they can continue to "adventure" together.

Character Name: Desoto
Species: lion
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Desoto is very protective of his sister and willingly follows her lead. Her safety goes before his own. He prefers to stay out of trouble and avoid confrontation, but will stand up for himself if needed. He is honest and fairly shy.
Brief History: Desoto and his sister have been travelling together since they were small. Escaping from their father who began to taint their pride and make it a horrible place to reside. At their mothers last wish; they are travelling to another pride, far away, to meet up with their aunt and cousins and hope for a better life with what is left of their family.

Character Name: Aleron
Species: lion
Extra Pictures: ~
Personality: He is rather spoilt and ignorant, but can be very loving and forgiving too.
Brief History: Sadly, Aleron in a victim of the exotic animal trade.
He originally came from a scarce light coloured pride~ Exceptionally rare in the wild and highly priced in the animal trade industry (especially those with white fur).
Aleron's parents and other adult pride members were shot for their fur, while the cubs were caught to sell as exotic pets. Each of them were declawed and defanged, and then chained and displayed in tiny cages. The living conditions were horrific and all Alerons other siblings died from a combination of malnutrition, dehydration, infection and stress. Aleron however was very fortunate to be discovered and seized by an animal rescue organisation where he received treatment and proper care. Because he is defanged and has permanent damage to all four paws as a result of declawing, he can never return to the wild.
He instead lives under the care of a young human girl whose family volunteered to raise and care for him. Despite how cruel humans were to him in the past he has a loving attachment to his human "big sister" and is very protective of her and calm in her presence. They occasionally travel around together as part of a special program which educates and raises awareness of the terrible exotic animal trade situation, poaching, and teaches the benefits of lions in the wild.
Aleron's walking is very awkward, and sometimes painful which due to being declawed. His paws are heavily scarred from several surgeries to correct his mutated toes, prevent arthritic growths and make walking less painful.
Not surprisingly Aleron is never in a hurry to get any where, and much prefers a ride in the back of a vehicle to walking.

Blazing Black Mage Nov 12th, 2017 02:18 AM

Artist Name: Blazing Black Mage
Website: DeviantArt
Religious Picture: Christmas themed is fine!
First Secret Santa?: Nope, 11th year here!

Character Name: Cody
Species: Magically induced mutated creature
Reference: Main Reference
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: DA Folder
Personality: A trickster at heart, kind of difficult to approach as her way of talking and somewhat detached personality can turn people off interacting with her, she's a chatterbox when comfortable though. She can also be conniving and cruel, especially when it comes to her magic. She's very good at getting her way and making a sale on just about anything.
Brief History: Operates a magic shop and co-owns an entire business of shops with her girlfriend Suka. Not a whole bunch is known on her backstory besides working in this shop for an unbelievable amount of time.
Character Name: Blazing Black
Species: Cody's shadow/Other half
Reference: Main Reference
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: DA Folder
Personality: Speaks as little as possible and tries to use as little words as possible. BB's existence revolves around keeping Cody's mind and magic in check.
Brief History: He exists as a second entity within her mind and can manipulate nearby shadows to produce a physical and palpable form. He's created by her and is completely devoted to keeping her safe from her magic spiraling out of control (again).
Note: BB can be drawn solo or with Cody, Suka, or The Artist. :>
Character Name: The Artist
Species: Cartoon
Reference: Main Reference
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: Extra Pic (Please use this pic as a reference for their eyes only. It's what their eyes look like now. :> )
Personality: Due to being mute Art is very expressive with their hands and body language, however they're also really shy and prefer to be left to their artwork. Awkward at socializing, but tries their best.
Brief History: Origins of their creation are a mystery. Cody, BB, and Suka are positive they've always known them, but can't seem to remember when they met. Art can't seem to remember either, but doesn't like to question it.
Note: Art can be drawn with Ollie, the two of them are like peas in a pod. This is optional and not required. :> Ollie Reference | Color pick from here! (Ollie's pawpads are the same gold as the nails)

I'll try to make a better reference of these two before sign ups close!
Character Name: Ilirium
Species: Esk
Reference: Main Reference
Character Page: Tracking Journal
Extra Pictures: All extra pictures can be found on their tracking journal.
Personality: Moody and reclusive, Ilirium prefers isolation to the company of other living beings. They're more relaxed and approachable if it's raining or snowing as it seems to soothe them. Has a soft spot for small animals
Brief History: Once an aspiring Broadway actress they had met their end losing their way in a forest. They don't remember the transformation that turned them into an Esk, but ever since they've never been able to shake the feeling of regret for their past life.
Note: Ilirium is an Esk, a closed species by witherlings. The only notes for them are they cannot blink nor do they have a mouth of any kind. If drawn outside of a forest (any forest will do!) they will lack the Turkey Tail Fungus features on their back and arms as it will disappear. They're also the size of a polar bear.
Character Name: Furaha
Species: Lioness
Reference: Main Reference
Character Page: N/A
Extra Pictures: N/A
Personality: Prefers to keep quiet, she's insecure about her unnatural mane.
Brief History: Born during Scar's reign in the Pridelands, she escapes as a cub with her mother to the desert during TLK's final act. Her scars come from a violent male that took over their small desert pride and exiled her out to the jungle in her younger teenage years. She comes back to the Pridelands with Saba after Simba's Pride takes place.
Note: Please keep in mind Furaha's story if you decide to draw a background! She wouldn't be in areas that have a wintry forest or snow. Furaha can also be drawn with her mate Saba

Anything Else you would like to say?: Have fun! Cody and BB are if you'd like to try an anthro, The Artist is if you wanna draw a human/cartoon, Ilirium is if you wanna draw something quad but not feline, and Furaha is if you wanna draw a feline! :D

Kimmorz Nov 12th, 2017 05:08 PM

Artist Name: Kimmorz
Website: DeviantART | TLKFAA
Religious Picture: No
First Secret Santa?: No

Character Name: Fiasco
Species: Tiger
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: [Use this for color reference]
Personality: Upbeat, positive, just wants to have fun
Brief History: None

And adding a second character, I just adopted him:

Character Name: Tora
Species: Liger (Though his design really only reflects tiger in my opinion)
Character Page:
Extra Pictures: &
Personality: A young cub, who still is learning about the world, very curious, but that can sometimes cause him to get into trouble.
Brief History: None

Anything to say: Have fun!

Pepper Nov 14th, 2017 10:03 AM

Artist Name: Pepper
E-mail: Will PM
Religious Picture: Nah
First Secret Santa?: No. I've lost count how many now!


Character Name: Jester
Species: Domestic cat
Extra Pictures: Anthro version (this is someone else's take on this char; you can make the paws more human-like, etc.) -
Personality: He's a little different, depending on the form. Quadruped is more sweet and anthro form is more crafty/sneaky. Both are talented, being performers.
Brief History: The anthro version came first, many years ago, him juggling with a sneaky look in his eyes. I later decided to have a quad version too, wanting to make him sweeter and more cat-like version. Whilst the anthro version is more focused on his skillsbase, quad version also likes to do more cat-like things, such as sleeping and playing, etc.
Anything to say: If you want to draw him, either version - it's up to you which you're more comfortable with (of course!).


Character Name: Cynewulf
Species: (Mythical) Luckdragon
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Kind, generous, brave, playful, mystical. (If you've seen Falkor in 'The NeverEnding Story' you get the kind of idea where I'm coming from.)
Brief History: Was inspired to draw my own Luckdragon version after watching the film. Wanted to give him a more obvious dog breed mix with the dragon part.


Anything to say: I hope you have fun with this! I'm pretty open to ideas but I do just ask that it has a Christmassy theme to it. Thank you!

Koudoawaia Nov 14th, 2017 10:37 AM

Artist Name: Koudoawaia
Religious Picture: No thank you
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes or No?) No

Character Name: Koudoawaia
Species: storm dragon
Reference: https://koudoawaiavortex.deviantart....ence-333692717
Character Page: (Example) N/A
Extra Pictures: https://koudoawaiavortex.deviantart....-Way-491588736 https://koudoawaiavortex.deviantart....tion-469203558
Personality: shy and prone to anxiety and moodiness in uncomfortable environments. Friendly, sarcastic sense of humor, loving and loyal to those she cares about especially her husband Maelstrom, thoughtful of others, stubbornly stands for what she believes in
Brief History: She doesn't really have a concrete history
Anything to say: Koudo has a gold heart on each shoulder which are drawn broken when she's feeling negative emotions. She is a storm dragon which means she can control the weather especially storms and breathes lightning.

Character Name: KristynLioness or KL or her African name, Kianga
Species: lionesspanther
Character Page: (Example) N/A
Extra Pictures: https://koudoawaiavortex.deviantart....ting-613526259 https://koudoawaiavortex.deviantart....lored-93270944
Personality: shy and prone to anxiety and moodiness in uncomfortable environments. Friendly, sarcastic sense of humor, loving and loyal to those she cares about especially her husband Maelstrom Snowleopard, thoughtful of others, stubbornly stands for what she believes in
Brief History: She doesn't really have a concrete history
Anything to say: Not really

Spaz Nov 14th, 2017 09:30 PM

Artist Name: spazzeh
Website: FA, TLKFAA, dA.
Religious Picture: no thank you!
First Secret Santa?: nope. god knows how many years i've been doing it, but i've been at it for a long time.

Character Name: spaz
Species: african lion
Reference: anthro (cartoon-y blood warning)
(art credit.)
the speckles on his paw pads and tongue are random - BUT there is always one hidden Mickey on his tongue.
his feral form is the exact same design as anthro! feral is preferred over anthro, though his anthro sheet still has all of the relevant info.
Extra Pictures: gallery.
Personality: spaz has an upbeat personality, but he can be very mellow. loves relaxing, loafing around, hes pretty much a couch potato LMAO. hes always happy and content though.

Character Name: crowley
Species: old english sheepdog
Reference: here! (art credit.)
Extra Pictures: n/a
Personality: crowley is an absolute GOOFBALL. hes basically the stereotypical sheepdog (think of Max from The Little Mermaid, or Mooch from Lady and the Tramp 2).
hes floppy, playful, always energetic and high-spirited. very affectionate and loving!
essentially the opposite of Spaz in terms of temperament.
hes a big fan of the snow and cold too, since hes got all that fur to keep him warm.

Anything to say: i edited out the history section since both of the characters are my fursonas (spaz being the more TLK / TLKFAA-centric one),
so they dont really have any relevant histories or backstories. theyre just me, in animal form!
with that being said, id love to see the two of them together, even if it isnt the most realistic of scenarios. but draw whatever you feel inspired to do!! im excited no matter what. <3
feel free to make your picture seasonal or christmas specific! nothing religious though, please and thank you.

Jezzabelle Nov 15th, 2017 10:51 AM

I love this time of year! ^.^


Name: Jezzabelle
Links to Art:
Year in Secret Santa: 12th
Secret Santa Helper: No

Characters and References:

Character Name: Teegee'ay
Species: Winged Lioness
Reference: (NEBULA FORM)
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Is very peaceful, doesn't talk very much and is free spirited. Please refer to her reference for more she is also Pagan. Her nebula form can only be seen at night while her official form can only be seen in the daytime.

Character Name: Andre Caspian
Species: White Tail Deer.
Reference: MAIN FORM: Feral (optional)
Personality: He's a serious character, pretty stuburn and most always grumpy! But has a weak spot for Jezz - she knows what makes him tick .
Brief History: Grew up in Texas, moved to Europe, lost a very close friend at a young age. He never emotionally recovered from it. Still working on other parts with him.

Character Name: Jezzabelle Forest
Species: Norwegian Forest Cat
Extra Pictures: Feral form (optional!)
Personality: She is very bouncy, happy, friendly and always fun to be around. She's quite feminine too and she loves snow let alone this time of year! She also has a crush on Andre, so if you wanna draw these two together, her being affectionate and Andre not really knowing what to do (maybe blushing slightly) would be adorable!
Brief History: Was involved in an unknown incident which left her partially feral, which she needed therapy for. Is now a reformed citizen and now wishes to wrong her past. Still working on her full back story. She has a crush on Andre, as stated.

Religious or Not: I'm Pagan

Something to Say:

- If you choose to do Teegee'ay, I'd love it if you could include some Pagan themes (please scroll down to get references).
- If you choose to do either Andre or Jezz please leave the Pagan themes out.
- If you really want to, or if it's any easier, you can lionize Andre or Jezzabelle, I'd love to see what your imagination comes up with, but keep in mind, Andre keeps his antlers in what ever form he's in! xD
- Pagans normally celibrate a holiday called 'Yule', here are a few Yule themes to give you an idea of what to include in a possible picture of Teegee'ay:

A Yule altar: [
Lady in Yule clothing
Alternatively, please refer to this Wiki article:

In a nutshell, Yule is not much different to Christmas, except the absense of Jesus and a celebration of the Winter Solstice instead.

- Lastly, have fun! Seasons Greetings!

jwalraven Nov 18th, 2017 10:59 AM

Artist Name: jwalraven
Religious Picture: No
First Secret Santa?: Nope! Going on 12.

Character Name: Shio
Species: Lion/Leopard mix
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Nerdy, geeky, optimistic
Brief History: Loves butterflies and a spunky little guy. Think nerdy for him.

Character Name: Argent
Species: Winged Wolf
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Nerdy, geeky, optimistic, silly
Brief History: Space cargo ship mascot. He is a Dr Pepper addict and general Sci-fi geek.

Character Name: Solstice
Species: Bobcat
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Festive
Brief History: Loving hobbyist of chocolates and mints. She even looks kinda like hot chocolate with peppermint.

Character Name: Toadstool Treasure
Species: Unicorn Pony
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Creative, stubborn, loyal
Brief History: Artist of various crafts that loves anything to do with mushrooms.

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