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Anon51 Jun 6th, 2010 03:11 PM

Lady Gaga Portrait
Hey guys!
Since I finished uni (Omg!) for summer I've had some time to practice my drawing skillz.
I drew a picture of Lady Gaga and I'd like some constructive criticism please. Be brutally honest if you like, tear it to shreds. I really want to get better at drawing, I have 2 years of uni left and need to be the best I can be by the time I leave. No pain no gain, right?

Anyways, here's the photo.

The eyes look weird to me, but then, for some reason I never have been able to draw eyes right. The gloves do too.
Please tell me what you think :) Cheers muchly. Sorry about the massive photo size btw.

Sforzando Jun 6th, 2010 09:19 PM

That's actually really good! There are a few things that could fix it though. One big thing is that there's a lack of contrast. Your darkest blacks should be much darker, and right now there is a lot of light/white area.

Otherwise, it just looks like a lot of little things are just a little bit off (like eye placement, and something looks a tad off with the nose...) when things are just a bit off like that it can make the whole thing look kinda wonky. You could try working with a grid (I hate doing it, but it does help) or just continue to draw. The more you do the better you'll get :)

I hope that helped some!

Anon51 Jun 7th, 2010 02:12 AM

Thanks very much, the crit helped alot :)
Okse, an artist on twitter/blog TV showed me how to use grids as i'd never heard of them before, and I'm thinking of drawing Van Morrison next using that technique. It might help a bit, like you were saying the nose and eyes seem a tad off, I think thats what the problem is too. I was looking at the left eye before actually, I hate it when there's something wrong that you can't quite pin point! And a couple of people have said about the light and dark contrasts, so I'll go back and fix that too.

Thanks very much :)

EndlessNight Jun 7th, 2010 08:48 AM

The one thing I really see is the teeth. You have all this great detail in teh hair and glove fabric then these two stark white teeth that seem too big in the mouth. Though maybe Lady Gaga has big front teeth? I'm not sure 100% who Lady Gaga is(an anime character?).

It might be that the eyes are a touch big and the moyth ends up a touch small?

I really like the eyes as is though. It really looks like bright light is shinning into them- like she's in a spotlight.

And kudos on getting the cupids bow to look realistic but not like she's rocking some kind of Brett Butler 'stache. I can never give my female characters a top lip detailing like that without them just looking like they missed their last waxing appoint. :P

It looks great- hope you wont be offended by the nitpicks. It's way better than I could ever do!

Majordomo Jun 7th, 2010 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by SableAntelope/EN
I'm not sure 100% who Lady Gaga is(an anime character?).


You're not too far off. She's an American pop singer with incredibly... "distinct" fashion sense. Some people find it entertaining, others appealing, and others appalling.
Lobster Hat:
Hula Hoop dress:

As far as the picture goes, there's only one thing I really notice: her right (our left) eye has no eyelashes.

Anon51 Jun 7th, 2010 10:20 AM

haha, she's not an anime character xD

Thanks for all the crit, I appreciate it. I know what you mean about the Teeth EN, thats a good point. And I don't mind you nit picking at all, thats why I posted it up! :)

Major, She kind of didn't have any eyelashes showing on that eye in the photo I was working off anyway, I think it might look odd because it's not dark enough? I will try and fix it though.

Thanks people!

Tamu Jun 8th, 2010 05:02 AM

Ooh wow, that's so good!! I can't think of much else to crit other than a couple more nitpicks (her features are a bit wide compared to the size of her face, and the creases in the gloves are probably a bit much), but all of this can be amended in the future with some more practice of faces and hands and fabrics - overall the picture is very impressive as is. And you could definitely tell it was her!

Anon51 Jun 8th, 2010 06:57 AM

Thanks Tamu! Yeah I know what you mean about the wideness of the face... If I redraw her with the gridding technique that might help (I've started using it for the van morrison pic and it seems to be helping a little in that respect)
Oh my gods I've just found some of my old stuff.... on sheezy art D: It's so cringey and embarrassing... loads of old memories of how stupid I was on LM too... D: I used to get all defensive when someone said something was wrong with my drawings lol lol xD

This way for the lulz:
I've been going through my old stuff and crying with laughter for the past hour or so xD

EndlessNight Jun 13th, 2010 07:28 AM

You know what is incidentally awesome about thsi post I finally found out what thet song Cartman sings on South Park is. I had no idea what the heck it was. I knew it had to be a joke I was out of the loop on but now I know. I looked up Lady Gaga on iTunes.

The song is poker face. I actually kind of prefer Cartman's version though. *L*

I still can't believe that she isn't some record producers Gaia Online character they just decided to make into a pop sing though. *L*

I hope you'll repost if you make any changes Tagaen!

Anon51 Jun 16th, 2010 04:42 PM

I've never seen South Park... I'm afraid I don't know the reference sorry!
Sorry to spam my thread... I thought I should post here though rather than making a new thread for each picture I do!

I've just finished a Van Morrison pic which I'd like some crit on, if thats ok? I'll post the link to My DA Account. My uni stuffs on my account to if you all want a nosy round. Also if any of you have DA add meeee and I will watch you back :) Ta muchly guys.
I am thinking of either re-doing this picture or doing another Gaga picture in a month or so using Gridding (which is what I used for the Morrison picture) so I can fine tune the proportions. Thanks so much for the crit and advice, I do really appreciate it and I am taking it all on board :)

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