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Artist Name: BudTheWolf
Religious Picture: Sure, Christmas themes are ok, but it doesn't have to be.
First Secret Santa?: (With me - Yes)

Character Name: Bud
Species: Wolf
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Kind, slightly shy, adventurous
Brief History: Found all alone in the snow as a pup, he was raised/taken care of by human who took him in. When he got older, the human let him go and Bud became a long wolf traveler. He travels all over going on adventures meeting new faces, and occasionally reuniting with his human caretaker while also on a mission to discover the mystery of his past. He also had discovered to have Ice/Snow related powers. (Official Story still wip)
Anything to say: While the ref shows both an anthro and feral version of him, the feral version is the one that's canon in the "Brief History" story.
He can also be semi-feral if artist chooses. He also ironically has a sweet tooth for chocolate(he's immune).

Character Name: Neon
Species: Lioness
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Protective, motherly instincts, kindhearted, defensive
Brief History: She was used to be a normal lioness in the pridelands who took care of her younger twin brothers after her parents passed. One say a strage multi-colored meteorite had landed. Once she quickly discovered that her brothers went to check it out, she rushed over to tell them to stay away. But when she confronted them to keep them away, the meteorite exploded and they were caught in the impact. They survived but the radiation and mysterious content of the rocky material changed her physical features, including the color of her fur. The lions of the pride saw her as a freak and wanted her to leave, the only reason her and her brothers were able to stay was because her friend Amara is the queen of their pride. Now she tries to find a way to fit in with the pride while still taking care if her brothers. She is also one if Bud's friends and occasional traveling partner on advetures.
Anything to say: The color portion of her fur changes colors randomly all over and when she feels on specific emotional strongly, her color fur (and eyes) changes to one full color. It also glows in the dark.
I know her design is abit unusual, but that's because the inspiration for Neon and her younger brothers came from a dream I had of them and at the time before that I couldn't come up with any orignal ideas for lion OCs, so I wanted to use them.

Character Name: Green & Blue
Species: lion cubs
Personality: Adventures, Playful Michevious, but also kind
Anything to say: Their "Brief History" history is the same as that of Neon, with only a few differences.
They never new their parents because they passed then they were really young and leaving their big sister to raise them. They like to have fun and sometimes tease their big sis.
When it comes to the affect of the meteorite, they weren't as affected as their sister, the only physical change is their fur colors changing to a full blue and green.
I am at the time calling them "Green & Blue" because I still haven't found a name for them yet. Also the reason I put them together is because I consider them a "two-in-one" since they are small characters and they always hangout together.
I hope that's alright, but if not they can be labeled as separate characters.

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