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Artist Name: Kossu
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Character Name: Nirani
Species: Lioness
Extra Pictures:
Personality: determined, loyal, imaginative
Brief History: Nirani is just a lioness from the mountains. She's my fursona.

Character Name: Kyseart
Species: Lion
Extra Pictures: ,
Personality: easygoing, cheerful, intelligent
Brief History: Kyseart is a lion of the plains. My boyfriend's fursona.

Character Name: Kossu
Species: Asiatic Lion
Extra Pictures: , ( by KanuTGL )
Personality: Curious, kind, collected
Brief History: Kossu was initially supposed to Simba's cousin, who lived in a country bordering the desert, the Waterfall Lands. Throughout the years, I've reconsidered and slightly changed his story so that it's not anymore related to TLK storyline.
He's an Asiatic lion, resident of a world empty of humans, in a country full of water streams and waterfalls. He's appointed to watch over that land and make sure that everyone has a fair share of it. A role that proves to be rather perilous.

Character Name: Rihado
Species: Melanistic leopard
Extra Pictures: , ( by Timitu )
Personality: Solitary, curious, persistent. Rihado is an explorer and he doesn't like to settle down in a particular place.
Brief History: N/A

Anything Else you would like to say?: Nirani can be drawn on her own, but if you do decide to draw Kyseart, I would very much love it if you drew Nirani with him as well. It's not a must of course! It would make me very happy though.

Happy drawing, everyone!
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