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What if TLK got the live-action treatment?

This idea's been tossed around a bit. We've all seen that pattern with Disney by now with the live-action remakes of their classic animated films. First there was Alice in Wonderland, then Maleficent, then Cinderella, then The Jungle Book, soon Beauty and the Beast, and I believe Mulan is officially in the works. The Lion King is huge and, while maybe Disney will be kept distracted with that good Lion Guard money, it's only a matter of time before TLK gets the reboot too. But what would they do with it?

For one thing, recreating TLK would mean no onscreen human actors. And while I'm sure the story and characters would look stunning with our modern CGI, I can't imagine them being able to bring anything new to the story that would justify making the movie over again. Well, actually, I do have two ideas.

The first one is going the Maleficent route and delving into Scar's backstory. This could be a great movie in its own right and would provide something we've been wanting more information on for years. As long as they kept the conflict nuanced and didn't try to make him a Woobie and make everyone OOC for the sake of the premise.

The other idea could potentially be a great and important movie. In the spirit of the Broadway show, an all-human cast set in and around a fictional prosperous African nation. There is so much creativity that could happen here in the worldbuilding and so much beautiful representation with an all-Black cast. As for the title, the "Lion King" could be meant in a more symbolic and less literal way. Or maybe they can magically transform into animals, idk that seems like a stretch.

What do you guys think?
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