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Originally Posted by jwalraven
Check out post #52. Astro and Air gave the summary of what the disease is. There seem to be many types of it but if I have the chance, look around for something called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Because I was an idiot and forgot to say it before:

Goodbye Kaz, you brought so much to Lilymud and the world.

ok. thanks Jwal .. I hope if I get a disease like that I'd be able to pronounce it..

Happy 12 Years Starlioness! 2001 to err.. well, infinity I guess


btw, Koudo end everyone else owes me 100 Starlioness drawings to remain in TLKFAA (joking :p)

oh yeah, (before Koudo sends Night fury after me ) Avatar Credit goes to Koudo and the Star gif credit goes to Mirri

and Happy 20th Anniversary TLK!!
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