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Artist Name: Zorayda
Website: Tumblr
Religious Picture: No thanks! It also doesn't even need to be Christmas/winter related if you prefer!
First Secret Santa?: Nope! I've done this 3 or 4 times now, I think?

Character Name: Zorayda (fursona/main)
Species: winged lioness
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Bubbly, affectionate, humorous, outgoing, ditzy
Brief History: She doesn't really have one, she's just my avatar/personality online :3
Anything to say: My favorite types of backgrounds with Zor are nighttime/starry sky ones!

Character Name: Jasttor Bloodmaw
Species: Bronze Dragonborn (D&D)
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures:
Personality: Lawful Good. Will always strive to do the right thing. Proud, hates being wrong. Young and trusting, sometimes a bit naive and hotheaded.
Brief History: Jasttor grew up only knowing death and fear, running always from their enemy--a green dragonborn clan devoted to Tiamat, dedicated to hunting them down. His sister was killed, and his parents wanted to keep running rather than get revenge. Enraged, Jasttor rejected this and found his own revenge before devoting his life to becoming a Paladin of Bahamut, fighting Tiamat and her followers.
Anything to say: Jasttor has a romantic interest, so please don't put him with anyone! His armor is inspired by Vikings.

Character Name: King
Species: Volcanic Dragon
Character Page: None
Extra Pictures: None
Personality: Old, intelligent, powerful, intimidating and greedy. Your typical fairytale dragon
Brief History: None really, just a really old greedy dragon who has a hoard in a volcano. He murders anyone who tries to steal it.
Anything to say: Have fun with this guy! He's really cool.
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