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Religious Picture: No thank you! You aren't required to make it Christmas or winter themed either if that's not what you prefer to draw at the time!
First Secret Santa?: Nah!

Character Name: Terra (my main fursona!)
Species: timber wolf
Character Page: (I hope Toyhouse links are ok, if not I can remove it!)
Extra Pictures:
Back view -
Her necklace -
(and a clothing pinterest board if need be!) -
Personality: tomboyish, steely, passionate, intuitive, and distrustful. She has a softer, compassionate side (and is actually very sensitive) but does her best to hide it.
Brief History: she's my avatar online, but she lives in an apocalyptic universe! She joins a band of actors and performers and starts a revolution with them against a corrupt government.
Anything to say: she can be drawn feral (non-anthro) if that is what you are more comfortable with! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAVE FUN!! AH!

Character Name: Dakota (my emergency kitty incase you're uncomfy w doggos!)
Species: bobcat
Character Page:
Extra Pictures:
Personality: She's a pastel punk girl, she's very sweet but can also kick butt. Probably in a motorcycle gang. Yeah.
Brief History: Her storyis not developed yet!
Anything to say: This lady belongs to my partner! Sadly I don't have any well developed big cat OCs to share yet! Also like Terra, she can be drawn feral!
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