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New game! ^^

This is a word game I love playing with my family, but of course they never play it as often as I like, and certainly never Lion King-themed! XD

Okay, so you start with any name. I'm going to pick Simba. Now, the person who sees Simba first must reply with the name of another Lion King character (Canon or semi-Canon only!) that starts with the last letter of the previous name. So, whoever finds Simba must reply with a TLK name that starts with the letter 'A'. So, if they say Ahadi, the next person has to work with an 'I'. Got it? The only other rule is that you cannot use a name that has already been said (well, okay - I'll let someone use Ahadi since it was just an example here).
We play until we run out of names/get stumped on a letter that we absolutely can't think of anything to reply with. Let's go!

So, Simba!
P.S. And if I explained this in a confusing way, let me know so I can make it clearer!

*EDIT* Okay - updated rules following!
We were running out of TLK names too quickly, so now African animal species names and also names of Disney animal characters are also allowed!
For example, Brie said 'Elephant', and Kasei said 'Aardwolf' (both African animals), and I said 'Oliver' from the film Oliver and Company (Disney animal)
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