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Looks like things have died down a bit so here is the final part really to the project... below is the link where you can see all the pictures that were created. (Sorry it is a bit late I ended up getting the flu not long after christmas. Still not feeling 100% but but well enough to be at the computer a lot longer. ) Remember if you like someones art in this collection click on their picture and you will see links to their page. You may find someone new to follow. As well as maybe finding them on another website. (Many people have FA or LKFAA as well.)

Hope everyone had a great new year. I hope to have another mini secret Santa for Valentine's Day. Sign ups will open in a few weeks so if you are interested in taking part start thinking of the perfect couple for your characters and updating any reference pictures.

orca owl: I might try that if Tru has not already. Would be interesting if we could just to fix one letter. It is not like we are asking for a whole new name.

Brie: So sad not to have you this year. I look forward to seeing you next year forsure.

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