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Originally Posted by Brie
oh my gosh, she's so cute! And you did the "forward pose" very well! That's a pose that really gets me, too. It's so awkward, but you did very well!
This may sound weird, but I really like her eyes for some reason! EE! I'm excited for colors!

Thankies so much !! Here is the colored version. I'm almost done. I just need to add a simple background and it will be finished. Sorry for being so slow. Hope you'll like it ^^

@Kamakari : Ohhh she is so cute in your style, thankies a lot. You can fixe the nose, but if you can't it's just ok It was fun to trade with you.

@ Mirage : Sure I can do Mirage In return can you draw Ceylan for me ?

Thankies a lot
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