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hmm great question to ask! I've always vaguely had people in my mind, but never actually put together a list.

Classical Masters

►Leonardo Da Vinci
- I've done 2 master studies and researched his style in-depth. Its crazy the level of techincal detail he got in his paintings.

► William Bouguereau
- I absolutely love how he renders faces and the human forum.

►van gogh
- This man is the master of color!

►Artemisia Gentileschi
-I could stare for hours how she handled fabrics. Also a rare female painter during her time.

► and of course Bob Ross
- Not so much for his art, they all seemed rushed to me. But I love his theory's on art in general. listening to this man talk and teach will always cheer me up!

As for Artists on DA... well I don't have anyone in particular. I follow lots of people who do concept arts. I check the DA Landscapes and Scenery section daily:

I'm bound to find a few people there that have done something interesting. Also Follow the Still life section:

I'm more interested in the process really then the final product. I want to see what people think these days. I get no real benefit from a finished painting other then it looks awesome. Speed paintings and studies are where you'll find me.
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