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Jack and Ardon - The place where Time has no Teeth (Private)

Months after the issue with the Ocean Explorer 2 Torchwood 5 had calmed down back into routine, although most of the base was now fully staffed the base was indeed quite quiet, there were no major activities that was going on with regards to Earth and the base was indeed quiet as everything got done quickly.
There was however something special to celebrate, Baxter had completed his projects and now affirmed the title of professor for computer science and technology, he had also taken a course on command and so meant he could climb up the rankings as well.
Jack decided it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the occasion in a rather unique way, however the portal was shut down for its annual maintenance and so they would do something special on Kilara, rather than on the base.
Jack had gone around the other members of the team and the others agreed it would be unique experience for all of them, Jack spoke nicely to the EA and they were allowed to have the EAS Forge 2 to come and pick them up and head off to Kilara for this celebration.
Jack got all the gear and stuff ready while they waited for the ship to arrive, once it did, Jack invited the dragons and senior members of the team, Mark declined the offer and took command of the base, with Vonriir staying to help with Veyron doing his own business, knowing he had a good deal with Jack gone than to come with them.
Poor Baxter had no idea what was going on, he was invited and he tagged along as the team boarded the EAS Forge as it headed towards Kilara.

On Kilara it was the summer solstice as the ship stayed high up as the team were down on the golden sands of the beach on Forge’s families Island.
Jack had devised a little pomp and ceremony for the occasion, again without Baxter knowing, Jack had ordered old ceremonial uniforms for everyone to wear from old Napoleonic time and Jack even had some bits for the dragons to wear as well.
Ardon's family as well as most of the torchwood dragons gathered together, standing in line along the beach.
"Why didn’t Von come again?" Whispered Comox.
"He’s helping Mark I think," Ardon replied.
Jack stood up front along with Daniel, who had returned from the archives and was now back as head of security, dressed smartly in his outfit along with Jack, wearing a captain marked uniform which was dark blue with golden trims around the edges of his hat and decorative markings on the uniform.
Some of the ship’s crew had joined in and were carrying drums and were awaiting the order to be given as Baxter was nowhere to be seen at this stage.
"What's the purpose of the old uniforms?" Asked forge, looking down across the people dressed up. Melina had even encouraged him to wear one of his metals he had been given.
"It's all for celebration. The occasion calls for it. Baxter’s big day after all. He never gets to do anything like this." Explained Ardon.
Forge shook his head, not understanding.
Jack stood ahead and cleared his throat to make a statement.
“Bring out the prisoner!” Jack shouted as the drums sounded behind the crew as out of the cave Baxter was led out with Melina and Zyra who escorted the man towards Jack and Daniel, Baxter was handcuffed and Melina held onto one of Baxter’s arms as the girls brought him out before Jack and Daniel.
Ardon walked across the sand to stand at Jack’s side as Zyra appeared beside Baxter.
"I bring before you, our prisoner!" Declared the bold wing dragoness.
Ardon held back a smile with little success as he saw the confusion of Forges face.
Baxter looked a little confused as the girls stood by the man, as Melina gave a small smile as he stood before Jack.
“Dr Baxter, I always knew this day would come, are you willing to face the charges” Jack said boldly as Baxter wasn’t sure how to answer the question.
“I..I..” he stuttered unsure.
"Baxter, are you prepared to answer the captain of the changes made against you?" said Ardon.
“I..I am prepared?” Baxter said unsure what was going on with all of this but decided to just answer and get on with it, the man not use to being in the spot light.
“Daniel, the charges please”
The man took out an old scroll, unravelling it and coughing to clear his throat before speaking.
“We the Senior team of Torchwood 5, find the accused guilty of the following charges, 1, that he knowingly and wilfully gone above and beyond the call of duty and saved countless lives, 2 most serious that he is well respected member of the team and been a great support to the dragon academy” Daniel said as the man gave a small shy smile.
“3, he has passed the qualification and is now a professor of computer science and development technologist, finally he has obtained management credibility and passed with honours” Daniel said rolling the scroll back up.
Melina grinned as she got the key from her pocket and unlocked his handcuffs.
Zyra and Ardon exchanged a smile as the charges were read and the other dragons followed suit.
Even forge looked happy, pleased to hear about the man's work.
Jack smiled and spoke again.
“For these crimes, I hereby promoted you to the rank of lieutenant in Torchwood 5 and bestow the title of Professor to your qualifications” Jack said smiling.
The dragons cheered, roars and tail thumps of approval.
"Congratulations Baxter, said Zyra, giving him a friendly lick on the cheek while the others gathered around to congratulate him as well.
"Let's get started everyone," Called Tahsis as she and Bronan got the banquet ready.
Jack came over and shook Baxter’s hand.
“Congratulations professor Baxter, you done us proud” Jack said genuinely and the man smiled lightly, not use to all this fuss.
“Thanks, I think, you did not have to go and do all of this for me” he said as Jack patted him on the back, a little too hard that he almost went flying.
“Where the fun be in that, you’re part of the team” Jack said as Melina gave him a kiss on the cheek as the man tried not to go red.
“Well done, you joined the professor crew, just need Zyra to do it now and we be the famous trio” Melina said with a laugh.
"Ooh, will we be part of an evil genius club then?" Teased Zyra.
“You have to practice your evil laughs” Melina said laughing at the joke as Baxter chuckled lightly as the trio spoke.
"So how do you feel as a newly fledged professor?" Asked Zyra.
Baxter looked up at Zyra and smiled.
“Feels good to pass the exams and not doing project work anymore, but with what I’ve done was more than enough work” Baxter said.
"Here you go, prof," smiled Comox as he approached, handing the man a drink. "I think the title suites you."
Baxter nodded lightly.
“Thank you, I hope I can continue to be a good mentor and tutor for you Comox” Baxter said as Melina nodded.
“That you will” Melina said with a laugh.
Forge walked up and gave a little dip of his head. "Congratulations on your successful endeavour, Professor." He said, a generous compliment from the silver.
Baxter looked up to see Forge, the man was still not 100% sure on Forge but would take a compliment as Melina smiled to him.
“Umm, thanks forge…thank you” he said a little hesitantly.
“I think you need another one of those down, professor” Melina said with a laugh.
Comox laughed, "I'll get you another. Celebrate. This day is all about you!”

Jack sat down with Ardon as the food was being made, Tahsis seemed in a mood to cook as the others seemed to enjoy the conversation.
“Nice for us to do this for him considering the portal was out of action, bit of a trip on a destroyer but worked out in the end” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"It was fun though. Not every day we get to ride in one," said Ardon, stealing a bit of the man's food off his plate.
“Oi, you had some you git” Jack said laughing as a message came in.
Soon one of the drummer’s came over holding a tablet as he approached Jack and Ardon.
“Sorry to bother you sir, message from Earth, coded personal” he said as Jack took the tablet.
“Ok thanks, I read this while you get some more food for me greedy” Jack said to the golden dragon.
"Haha fine," said Ardon, taking his plate to go grab more food.
Jack looked at the tablet and typed in his code as the message came up on the screen for the man to read, Jack took his time and read it fully.

Priority one message for Commander J Harkness EA (T5 facility) 7th October 2074 11am GMT.

Report as follows from Director chairman EA.

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that I have received word from your relatives on priority one channel that your parents Aileen Harkness and Darryl Harkness have both perished in a fire engulfing your family home outside the Scottish highlands, emergency services got there as quick as they could but they could not reach the two in time because of the intensity of the flames and structural damage to the building.
I cannot express my deepest heart felt condolences at this very difficult time, I am terribly sorry to break this news to you and you have my deepest sympathies.
I advise you return from Kilara immediately to see to your family, I have spoken to Mr De Santa who is more than happy to support you as am I during this difficult time.
Please contact me if you need assistance or support Jack, I mean that and I am deeply sorry again.

Director and liaison to T5 dragon academy
Amelia Pond

End of message.
The man looked at the text before him and looked like he wanted to mourn out loud but something stopped him as the man was overwhelmed by sadness and grief, mixed in with shock at what he had read, he read further, as the man fought back the tears by what he read.
He turned the tablet off and put it down as he walked to a spot overlooking the sea, he took his hat off his head and looked into the distance, as he tried to assimilate what he had just read.
Jack had not been aware that this raw feeling would of bounced over to the link he shared with Ardon.
Ardon suddenly felt a wave of grief wash over him. Something worse than he had ever felt before. He staggered a moment before catching himself.
"What is it, Ardy, are you okay?" Asked Tahsis, concerned at seeing her son’s odd behaviour.
Ardon didn't answer and instead ran to the beach, instinct driving him forward and panic set in. Something was wrong, very wrong but he couldn’t place what it was. He spotted Jack staring out at the waves on the far side of the beach.
Jack was still in a state of shock, grief flowed through him like an untamed stream, the man stood looking at the waves splashing against the golden sand as the man was lost in his thoughts.
"Jack... what is it?" Ardon made himself ask, afraid to hear the answer.
Jack didn’t answer at first, but only having sensing Ardon’s worry did he speak, in a lighter, quieter tone than Ardon had ever heard from him.
“Yes..yes I’m fine, please excuse me Ardon” Jack said turning and leaving the golden dragon, none the wiser over what news he had gotten from Earth, Jack did not acknowledge anyone as he went to walk along the beach on his own seeking solitude.
Melina noticed and felt something off but wasn’t sure seeing Jack stroll down the beach, something on his mind, the woman wasn’t sure what she was feeling but it was not pleasant.

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Back on the other side of the beach, no one else had known what had transpired. Food and festivities still dominated the sunny day though Zyra had felt a wave of uneasiness a few moments after Ardon had hurried away. Unsure of where it had come from she looked around the beach to ensure all was well. Bronan was telling a rather grand sounding story in a loud and boisterous voice while the others listened, poor Baxter caught up in the middle of it all, putting on a brave face.
No, all seemed well but still that lingering feeling stayed and she couldn’t seem to shake it. Trying to ignore it, the dragoness went back to get something to drink. The humans had brought large pitchers of punch, juice and other things that the dragons could pour into steel dishes. Zyra took some of the mango juice that had been put on ice and took a few delicate sips, the flavour reminding her of the fruits back on Iban’tu.
“Where did Ardy go running off to?” asked Comox as he walked up to the dragoness, “Gone to go pester Jack?”
“Probably so. I think I overheard him saying something about work messages? He should have just turned that tablet off and enjoyed the party for a few hours. That commander of ours is always working too hard,” replied the dragoness.
Comox nodded in agreement, looking back over the beach towards the party. It seemed to have been a great success. All of Ardon’s family was present, including Ucluelet and Neekoh. The sunchaser still had the young dragoness’s interest and it did not seem to be letting up.
A few other dragons from the neighbouring islands also had come to join the festivities, called over either by Forge himself of enticed by the sounds of music and smells of good food.
All in all it was a grand party of celebration through by the dragons and they seemed to all be enjoying themselves immensely, save for Forge, as always, who appeared in his reserved state. He watched over the group, keeping an eye upon it all.

"So, I haven't been earthside in a long while. How are things going there?" asked Bronan, looking over at Melina and Baxter. Forge looked up, interested as well. He had not been over in some time either.
"Things have been good, no major issues or troubles really, just the usual" Melina replied with a smile.
“Isn’t trouble the usual?” teased Bronan with a laugh.
"Well, stuff we do not get involved in, nothing for us to call you, not that we can with the portal being offline for repairs" Melina said.
"Should only be a week or two, we replacing some parts" Baxter added.
“More like you wanted a break from Mr. Busybody here,” laughed Bronan as his brother gave him a cool look.
"Forge is always welcome to our planet, he has an honour..oh,I need to polish your trophies as well, while I'm here" Melina said looking up at the silver.
“Don’t fuss with those,” said the warlord, “They still sparkle from last time.”
Bronan wanted to joke about how his brother tended to them himself but decided it wouldn’t be worth the cuff over the head.
“So,” said Tahsis as she sat next to Bronan, encircling the human group that sat in the middle. “Daniel, how are you enjoying Kilara?”
"It is indeed an experience, working with dragons is a big change from working on a space station" Daniel said.
She nodded, “I can only imagine so. We were happy to hear that another one of the team was coming to visit us. We do like hosting.”
“Well, some of us like hosting,” chuckled Bronan in a low tone, gesturing to Forge.

“I was hoping to bring over a bunch of the notes Neekoh and I collected over the spring.” Said Ucluelet, directing the conversation back to Melina and Zyra.
“We went along the coast and got a lot of clan and breed information. A ton of stuff to add to the collection,” added Neekoh.
“Oh that’s exciting. The Kilaran Anthology will be coming along nicely,” smiled Zyra.
“Slow and steady. It’s still mostly rough notes. I haven’t polished out the text at all yet,” admitted Ucluelet.
“I’ve seen your writing, U, it’s very well worded for rough notes,” complimented Zyra. The dragoness had a knack for descriptive narrative and it worked well for the omnibus. Forge had even participated in the Lexicon of Drakine terms that Neekoh had taken up responsibility for.
Neekoh proudly handed over a few pages of Ucluelet’s neatly written words from their most recent adventure so that Melina could look over them.
"This is really impressive work U, some great detail, I can see that human stories and writings have inspired you to document stuff in good amounts of detail," Melina praised the teal dragoness.
“Thank you, professor. A honour to hear that praise from you.” Smiled Ucluelet as Neekoh beamed proudly.
The chatter rolled from one subject to the next as the gathering talked easily, well, save for Baxter who still seemed a little tense around the dragons though the flow of drinks seemed to be helping a little.
“So now that you’re climbing the ranks, you must have your eye on Jack’s job huh?” teased Comox, returning with the man’s requested drink.
"I am no leader Comox, not much of a ladies guy, more of a geek, my love for tech and all things gadget related," Baxter replied.
Comox laughed, “I didn’t know that was part of the job description.”


Back on the other side of the island the golden dragon was still dealing with an anguish rushing over him. Ardon paused on the beach, watching Jack walk away for a moment but still not able to overcome the grief that was washing through him via the link. It made his throat feel tight and there was a heavy weight upon his shoulders that he could not place.
“Jack, please…. Wait,” called the dragon, “What is it, what’s wrong?”
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A beeping noise could be heard as Daniel checked his pockets and brought out a little communicator, he opened it and pressed the button to accept the communication from the EAS Forge.
“Daniel here, what is the matter” the man asked.
“Sir, we are receiving an distress call from a transport ship in the area, on Kilara, they say they are under attack and request urgent assistance, I haven’t been able to get an answer” said the ensign over the line.
“Ok, download coordinates, sound red alert and send us a shuttle, inform commander Harkness” Daniel said as he got up from where he was sitting.
Melina saw the look on the man’s face and stood up to speak to him.
“Trouble?” she asked.
“Yes distress call, transport, the coordinates are being downloaded a shuttle is coming to pick me and Bax up, along with the commander” Daniel said.
"Distress call? What transport would be this far out?" Asked forge.
Daniel shook his head, unable to provide an answer to the warlord at this time, the engines of a shuttle approaching as the EAS Forge came into view.
“I can’t say but we need to call an end to this party sadly, the shuttle for me and Baxter” Daniel said.
“Well I go with Zyra and Comox ahead of you, the bold wing’s can move faster than the ship, we can get there and see who needs help immediately” Melina said gesturing to Zyra that she wanted to hop on and get off.
Zyra crouched to let the woman up while forge unfurled his wings to follow after them.
"Hang on!" Called the dragoness, launching in the air.
Baxter and Daniel boarded the shuttle as the other dragons looked a little concerned as the crew got on board and the shuttle took off with haste heading back towards the destroyer with Forge following behind.
Soon Ardon was in the skies with Jack on his back as they hovered as the shuttle along with Forge approached their location.
Ardon walked in silence with jack back to the shuttle.
Forge flew over to them and landed.
"We've received a distress call from a transport, the girls have flown ahead with Comox." Explained the silver.
The back of the shuttle opened and Daniel appeared.
“We are getting underway now, the distress call is being analysed on the bridge” the man explained to Jack as the man seemed to be preoccupied with something else on his mind.
“Jack, sir?” Daniel asked as the man snapped out of it.
“Yes yes, let’s get a move on to the bridge, Forge sit tight while we get there” Jack said abruptly as he followed Daniel as Baxter seemed a little uneasy with Jack’s mood.
Forge gave jack and Ardon a look as the man walked past him. Ardon shrugged, indicating he didn't know before following his Attilu.

Melina hung on tight as the two bold wings flew fast, Melina had luckily packed the compact travel harness and was able to get it fitted quickly, allowing Zyra to fly at max speed.
Melina also had a smart watch on which the Destroyer was updating the location of the distress signal.
Zyra beat her wings quickly, flying hard with Comox not too far behind as their flight ate up the distance.
Looking ahead the dragoness could see smoke.
Drawing in a breath she surged ahead, willing her wings to go faster.
Melina held on tight as the dragoness zoomed towards the area, it was only a matter of minutes when they came across the area, Zyra diving in and landing as they observed the area.
The smoke was coming from charred remains of wood and other debris, smouldering as if hit by intense heat, there were debris scattered around the area but the debris did not look like a shuttle or transport, there was enough to make up a ship.
"Stars!" exclaimed Zyra, seeing the scene below.
"Hang on," said Comox, sailing ahead to check for threats. he couldn't see anything imminent, calling back to her it was safe to land.
Melina looked to see heavy indentations in the sound ground, it looked like transport landing gear and nearby were heavy dragon footprints.
“Over here!” came a voice as Melina darted over as fast as she could, soon she came across some injured dragons, small red scaled breed that seemed surprised to see the human before them.
They seemed to be holding and trying to help 4 lifeless people near them.
Melina came over to check the humans, but sadly not one of them had a pulse, judging by the injuries, the men were injured and then shot with a human weapon.
"What happened?" Zyra called out, absolutely shocked at what she was witnessing.
"We're here to help!" shouted Comox, showing they meant no threat.
“We tried to help them…but we got ambushed” the one red dragon said, a large gash on his side and to his face, blood dripping down from them, the poor dragons looked beaten up.
“By who?, humans?” Melina asked.
“No, another dragon, a massive dragon” the other said out of breath as Melina tried to get them to sit down.
They seemed concerned for the lifeless humans but Melina shook her head lightly.
“You were valiant in your efforts but I am afraid it was too late” Melina said as the dragons seemed to go quiet, saddened they did not do enough or help in time.
Soon enough Ardon, Jack and Forge arrived as the ship came overhead and stayed where it was, as Jack surveyed the area.
Melina was given a first aid kit by Ardon and she began to try and treat the dragon’s wounds.
"What happened here?" The great silver demanded, looking around for answers. Why were other humans on Kilara and what had caused such a disaster...
The one red dragon spoke while Melina treated them with the medical kit.
“A large bulky ship landed and those humans got out, then another human held them up with a light stick, we came to help then we got ambushed by a massive dragon with a shield like head, he was bulky and easily swatted us aside and attacked the men” the red dragon said.
Forge thought for a moment before something clicked. "Braigg, a Hopilite Ram." He said aloud, "did he have spines all along his tail?" He asked urgently.
“Yes he did, he was fierce but he seemed to know the one man who attacked the others, he boarded the ship and it took off” the other red dragon said as he growled as Melina applied antiseptic spray on the wounds.
Forge shook his head, trying to figure out how that could be.
Jack looked up at Forge.
“What is a hopilite Ram dragon?” the man asked.
The silver turned his fierce gaze to Jack, "a rare breed. Heavy hitters. Built like mountains."
“You knew one of them Forge?, you said a name Braigg was it?” Melina said as she continued treating the red dragon’s with Zyra’s help.
"Yes. He was in my
Division when we first started to fight back against ... against the humans," forge explained.
Melina seemed a little confused and so was Jack as he tried to think of why a dragon who was with Forge against the humans would willingly board a transport ship with a human.
“If he was with you and was against us, why is he with one now on a transport?” the man asked the silver.
"That I do not know. He was dismissed from our ranks after he lost his family. His mind had been poisoned by the loss and he was a threat to the battalion's safety. I do not understand why he would now be working alongside a human." Said the warlord.
Melina shook her head lightly.
A shuttle landed nearby as Daniel came out with an investigation team as Jack took a deep breath to steady himself.
“Daniel…..” the man seemed to have a loss of thought as he took another deep breath as Daniel awaited the man’s instructions.
“Can you investigate the wreckage, get us the ID of the ship and what it was doing here, ensure Melina has the supplies needed” Jack said as he turned and was going to walk towards the shuttle craft which confused Daniel.
“give me a report later” Jack replied not looking back.
“But sir I…” Daniel was interrupted as the man spoke assertively and angrily.
“Just Do It!” Jack exclaimed as he boarded the shuttle.
“Take off!” Jack said as the shuttle door closed as it took off and headed towards the ship, leaving everyone on the ground, human and dragon stunned by the man’s erratic behaviour.
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Ardon stared up at the shuttle as it rose up and away, headed back for the transport. Jack had been nearly silent since the moment Ardon tried to ask what was wrong save for ordering him to make him back to the shuttle.
Now their commander had abandoned this horrific scene to the few of them that remained. At a complete loss, the golden dragon could still feel waves of anguish and sadness wash over him, without any indication where they could be from. Jack gave little clue to what was going on but his dragon knew something was up.
"Ardon!" Shouted Zyra as she tended to a hurt dragon. "Hey!" She called without success, the male still watching the ship turn into a small point in the sky.
"Ardon, a little help here please, need you here to help these injured dragons!" Melina shouted across the field.
Ardon snapped out of his trance and reluctantly went back down to the field where the others were trying to help. Forge had landed on the scene was making his rounds, helping where he could.

Zyra pressed gauze against a bleeding scrape on one of the red dragon’s neck, trying to step the flow of blood. “Hold this here, press firmly.” She instructed, gathering some medical tape so she could secure it. The little dragon also had a few puncture wounds from something, not teeth, she concluded.
“Forge, you said that the Ram had spines?” she called over to the silver.
“Correct. All across it’s tail, like a porcupine.” He replied.

Zyra frowned, these would take time to heal and would have to have a close eye kept on them to ensure they didn’t get infected. Light and nimble on her feet she dashed away and fetched some antibacterial salves to help the injury along.
"You said a human held up another with a light stick? Could you explain that to me? I don't understand," she asked the little dragon as she continued to work.

"The human was dressed in the same fabric as the others, he then pulled a metal stick out at them, the others looked surprised and scared" The red dragon explained.
“Was it a gun?” she asked before realizing that he might not know what that was. “Was there a loud bang?" The dragoness she tried.
The red dragon nodded, " Yes he shot the first two humans, the dragon killed the others" he replied.
"Did the dragon say anything?" Asked Zyra. “To either the human or you guys?”
"We did not hear anything other than roaring and snarls" the one red dragon replied.
“Sorry for all the questions. We just need to know what happened so that we can try and prevent it from happening again. There you are, on your feet.” She said, helping him up before walking over to Melina who was finishing up tending do another.

"Other humans aren't allowed on Kilara, right?" Asked the dragoness. "It's still forbidden after they abandoned it?"

Melina nodded lightly.
"Yes, only us and others have to get permission from Kilara dragons and EA, sounds like this was a rogue operation" She said with concern in her tone of voice.
Zyra’s brow furrowed into a worried expression as she looked around where the attack had taken place.

Ardon had the grim task of sorting out the deceased humans. Under Daniel’s instruction he respectfully wrapped them in the material that Jack had left them from the shuttle.
They had not known their intentions but as part of the investigation they would have to be brought back.
While he worked his mind was a mess of what they were dealing with hear as well as the encompassing worry for Jack’s strange behavior. It was all very out of the ordinary and he couldn’t forget it.

"You're Ember Nymphs, aren't you?" Asked Comox, helping one of the small red dragons to their feet as they finally sorted out the last of the injured.
"You are correct," nodded the little drake. “Thank you,”
“I wish we could have gotten here sooner.” Said Comox sadly.
“We wouldn’t have made it without you. Your arrival was star-sent.”

Finally they seemed like everything had been dealt with and the gold seemed anxious to get back to the transport.

" I can fly you back," Ardon said to Daniel, walking up to the man. "I think we've done all we can here.."
"Oh, I umm never flown dragon back before Ardon, I don't know how good an idea that would be," Daniel replied.
"It's that or stay here and hope Jack remembers to pick you up and pray whatever did this doesn't come back." Replied Ardon.
"Alright, guess we can try it, how about you professor?" Daniel asked.
"I got two bold wings and a warlord to protect me, you head on back," She said.
"We will follow along shortly," nodded Forge.
Ardon crouched so Daniel could get up. "Working at a dragon academy means you have to fly every once in a while. I promise you'll be safe."
"Actually, Jack forgot to put it in my contract, just said security matters," the man lightly joked.
Ardon gave him a tired look at let out a breath. He wasn’t in the mood for games or jokes. Something was very wrong and he didn’t know what, both with the scene they had uncovered here and with Jack.
“Let’s go,” he said before lifting off into the sky, trying to get back to the EAS Forge as quickly as possible without upsetting his green rider.

Forge guarded the remaining team at the scene of the attack while they loaded up the rest of the equipment in preparation to leave.

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Jack had returned to the EAS Forge and had already begun to be a bit irritable at people, the seemingly patient man seemed to have a short fuse, he also seemed distracted by some of the crew on board, even Professor Baxter had noticed as the commander had sent him to work.
The man soon disappeared into the large assigned quarters for him and Ardon, although not as large as Torchwood 5, it was still pretty spacious for the ship.
The man returned to his quarters and heavily sighed, he sat down at the table and opened his tablet, unlocking it he opened up a file with family photos from their recent trip, old Christmas photos he had taken and he the man tried very hard not to cry.

Daniel returned with Ardon as he jumped off as an ensign approached them, looking a little skittish, but the ensign was young and not quite use to being around fire breathing dragons.
“Commander Harkness wanted the professor and one or two others to investigate who authorised the transport here, we are looking through databases now and seeing what we can find” the young man said.
Daniel nodded.
“Ok, I best head to the bridge, where is Commander Harkness?” Daniel asked.
“He came aboard, barked some orders and disappeared, I think he is in the assigned quarters, but I think he has put a do not disturb and locked it” the man said.
Daniel looked up at the golden dragon for his reaction on Jack’s strange and erratic behaviour, but the dragon looked as stumped as him.
"I'll, go see," said Ardon hesitantly, turning to head down the corridor.
“Ardon, perhaps wait until Melina is back, I think it might be wise” Daniel said as if on cue, Melina arrived on Zyra, along with Comox and Forge, followed by the shuttlecraft.
"Why?" Asked Ardon, casting a look over to Melina as if she would know the answer. "what's going on?"
Before Daniel spoke, Melina came over sensing the awkwardness going on between Daniel and the golden dragon, the woman guessed what was going on.
“I come with you to see Jack, see what is troubling him, he has been acting out of character, you coming Zy?” the professor asked.
"If you'd like me to," said the dragoness. Ardon didn't wait a second longer, headed down the hall with the others in tow.
Melina went after the dragon as he came stomping off towards the dragons quarters as Daniel was left with the warlord as he looked up at the old dragon who kept a serious composure and seemed stern.
“We investigate what went on, will you be staying no board?, we might have to leave Kilara if required” Daniel asked the silver.
"I will stay. I want to know what happened. If the dragon left in the ship, I feel like they won't be around here anymore." Said the warlord.
The man nodded, knowing the warlord would stay on board.
“Ok, I keep you updated, I’d invite you up to the bridge but umm, your big so” the man replied feeling a little awkward.
"I will remain here." Said the great silver, settling down on the floor and crossing his paws to wait.
“Ok sir” Daniel said leaving the warlord in the large hanger.

Jack flicked through another picture as he started into the abyss, feeling sad and unsure of what ot do next, he did not even have time to mourn, with everything going on right now, but the sadness and grief he felt ran raw within him.
Soon he was brought out of his thoughts by the door buzzer, it had run twice but he must have been too deep in his own thoughs and anguish to hear it.
“Come in” Jack said unlocking the door and finding Ardon, Melina and Zyra there.
“Oh, I wasn’t expecting three of you, anything I can do?” Jack asked.
Ardon and Zyra walked in quietly, the dragoness feeling Ardon's worry radiating off him.
Melina went with a kind, soft approach with the man, sensing the difficult emotions raging around the room.
“Actually, I am here to see if there is anything I can do for you Jack, you had us a little worried” Melina said, her tone soft and gentle as she approached Jack slowly.
Jack shook his head.
“Just some personal issues, nothing more” Jack replied.
“Oh?, I see” Melina replied back.
Jack brought out the tablet and brought up the photos of his parents for the professor to see, he had not really shown Melina the photos that he took.
“You never met my parents I don’t believe, never invited them to the base, I should of really, this was a nice one, my mother Aileen, a real fiery woman, could stand up for herself simple enough, true scot” Jack said as Melina sat down nearby and smiled lightly.
“My father Daryl, he had to put up with it, he did sort of mellow as he got unlike Aileen loyal and…” Jack all of a sudden began to get upset, voice wavering in a very emotional state, never seen from the ran as he struggled to finished his sentence.
“So…very noble” Jack managed to say as Melina looked concerned.
"Jack.... what is it?" Asked Ardon, a horrible feeling rising in his chest as he assumed all the horrible possibilities that might make Jack react in such a way.
Zyra looked at the floor, not knowing what to do, seeing her commander in such a state, so unlike him.
“What has happened Jack?”.
“Aileen and Daryl, both burned to death in a fire at their family home” Jack said as a tear rolled down his cheek as Melina seemed in shock at the news.
Zyra looked shady, not believing the words that had just come out of his mouth.
"No..." was all Ardon could muster at first. "No, they must be wrong..."
Melina finally spoke after overcoming her own shock at what had been told.
“Jack…..Jack I am so sorry” Melina said putting her hand on his.
Jack sniffed and wipped his face with his free hand.
“It’s’s ok, these things happen” Jack said very sullen as Melina shook her head lightly.
“No Jack, it’s not ok, this is……really overwhelming, when did you know” Melina asked.
“Priority one message from earth 9 hours ago, family tried to contact me but, did not take my mobile….got the message, emergency services did…all they could but..” The man couldn’t finish his sentence as tears rolled down his face.
“Oh Jack” Melina said hugging the man tightly as the man wept, Melina giving him a kiss on the side of his head as the woman held onto her close friend and commander, doing all she could at this moment.
Ardon was frozen in place, hearing the news. He wanted to break but he knew that he had to be strong for Jack. The link did not make it easy. The raw grief crashed over him, threatening to drown him in this horrible loss. They had just been all together. He could hear Aileen's laugh in his head and Daryl hollering at him for dinner. It felt all impossible.
The gold dragon bowed his head and closed his eyes against the tears that rose up.
Zyra put her neck over his and placed a paw on his own.
Melina soon released Jack from the hug she had held him in so tightly as she looked to see Ardon and Zyra, feeling the grief and emotion washing over all of them.
“Jack…” Melina said as she took Jack’s hand and guided him towards the dragons as the two sat down with their dragons, before Melina hugged the man once again.
Ardon brought his golden muzzle down to the side of Jacks face and hugged him and Melina tightly, unable to stop his own tears from running down his scales.
"I'm so sorry..." whispered Zyra, not knowing what else she could say.
Melina reached and touched Zyra’s muzzle thanking the bold wing as she kept her hug arms wrapping round the poor man who was silently weeping as Melina gave Ardon a kiss on the side of his cheek.
Melina kept quiet and just continued doing what she knew how to do, her own sadness for the man bounced across her link with Zyra, but a small trickle also went to the quiet lingering link between her and Forge.
Ardon gave Jack a gentle lick on the side of his head, curling his tail around them.
In the hold forge could feel something tugging at him. A sadness that he couldn't place.

The peace and time for mourning came to an end as a beeper sounded in the corner and soon Daniel’s voice over the speakers.
“Daniel to Jack” came the man’s voice as they ignored it.
The man not knowing continued.
“Jack?, this is Daniel please respond over” he asked again.
Melina looked up from hugging Jack and frowned as she spoke with some fire in her words.
“Can we get back to you Daniel?, sort of not the best time to be calling at current” she said as the man went silent for a moment before speaking.
“I do apologise but it could not wait, the professor has gotten information about the transport and the EA have sent us an urgent message that requires the Commander’s attention” Daniel said.
“Urgh, seriously” Melina replied as Jack wiped his face, getting back up onto his feet, walking over and grabbing a tissue to wipe the tears from his eyes.
“I be there in a moment, Jack out” the man said.
Melina stood up, giving Jack a look.
“Jack, you cannot be serious about continuing this, you need to return home to your family, be a unit this is far more important” Melina replied as the man sniffed and shook his head.
“It will have to wait, got more important things to do than mourn” Jack replied as Melina shook her head.
“Bull!, you know that’s rubbish, Jack family calls before duty or anything, tell him Ardon” Melina protested but Jack spoke.
“Well, I’ve lost my family, so this is all I ****ing got right now Mel, Ardon understands, this is our work protecting Kilara as well as finding out how those men died and what Dragon is on the loose in space, I need this or I will be lost” Jack replied back.
"But, don't you think we should go see your siblings, be there for them?" Asked Ardon, knowing jack liked to immerse himself in work to avoid emotional things like this but the dragon worried that if he didn't properly grieve it would fester and grow.
Jack was quiet for a moment before talking.
“If I can’t do this then I am no good to anyone, besides the portal is out of action so we got no choice, once we find out what is going on, we return to Earth and I go on leave” Jack said.
Melina sighed as Jack smartened up and walked towards the door which opened as he headed ot the bridge.
Melina watched in disbelief that the man had gone, leaving her with two upset dragons, one being his own.
“He doesn’t mean it Ardon, he still cares for you and knows you feel what he is feeling its just…I don’t know with him” Melina sighed shaking her head.
Ardon sunk to the floor now that jack had gone. His eyes glittery and wet from unspilled tears. "This isn't fair." He sniffed, looking away from Melina and Zyra.
"I know, Ardon, none of this is..." said Zyra quietly.
Melina nodded, understanding the young dragons heartache and frustration with his Atillu.
“When we return home, we get you and Ardon sent off up to Scotland, did you want me or Zyra with you?” Melina asked the gold quietly.
"I think Jack might want to have less people there, but....I don't know... I don't know anything right now," he said sadly.
Melian came over and knelt down by Ardon giving the golden dragon a hug round his muzzle and smoothing his golden scales.
“I know Ardon, I know” she said gently, trying to comfort the young golden dragon as best she could.

On the bridge Jack made it up there and approached Daniel who was with professor Baxter at a terminal.
“What you got” Jack asked as Daniel and Baxter turned around.
“We discovered the information we were after, discovered a transport, a Orion heavy transport ship was hired to go to Epsilon 2, a moon not far from Kilara for transportation of medical supplies, it never got there and has been reported missing” Daniel said.
Baxter brought up the information.
“The guys discovered have been identified, the medical team took swabs and we ran through the database, the crew compliment was 6, we are only showing 5 bodies downstairs” Baxter said.
Jack crossed arms at hearing the news.
“So the person who is missing must have been the one who killed those people, where does the dragon fit into this?” he asked.
Daniel shrugged.
“No idea but the transport that has been stolen could easily transport dragons, whoever it was must of come to here with the purpose of picking our scaled friend up, no other explanation” Baxter said.
Jack frowned, not liking the sound of what he was being told.
“So is the other guy registered?” Jack asked.
“We ran database checks, he doesn’t appear at all, Baxter ran it through his own systems and it was a fake ID, we are using an unorthodox way of locating who it was” Daniel said to the man.
“Hrmm, can we trace the transporters trail at all?”
Daniel was about to answer when the comms officer came over and spoke to the men.
“Sorry to interrupt, priority one from EA HQ, large science observatory around Sigma star has gone silent, they want us to investigate as matter of urgency” he said.
“Sigma system, that isn’t far from this system at all, sensors also show the transport heading in that direction, but the trail is weak, they could of gone into hyper space” Baxter said.
Jack nodded lightly.
“Inform Forge of our plan, tell the EA we are on our way, get this ship moving, once we left Kilara’s atmosphere initiate jump into hyper space” Jack ordered as the crew got into action, the dragons downstairs and Forge would sense the ship was now moving and beginning to gain altitude in the sky as they went on their way to the Sigma stat observatory.
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