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Unread Sep 20th, 2017, 06:23 AM   #26
the listener
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Soon enough the wide hangar doors overhead opened and the transport lowered down. At once the flight hangar as abuzz as people and dragons alike gathered their provisions and equipment before preparing to load up.
“Be careful, and bring back Jack safely,” Said Comox and he stood with Hitteki to send them off. They would be in charge of protecting the facility while they were away and there were no others that would do a better job than the two of them. Ardon knew he could always count on Comox, despite the male Boldwing often being timid in nature. He never faltered in a time of need and that was something they could bet on. As for Hitteki, the gold had full confidence that she would achieve anything she set her mind to. Despite their precautions, neither of them hoped to have to live up to their promise. An Attack on the base was the very last thing they needed right now.
“Don’t worry,” said Zyra with an air of firm confidence in her tone, “We’re not coming back without him.”
Ardon forced a smile back towards the others. Zyra’s positive nature did help to ease his worry, even in the slightest bit.
“I wouldn’t doubt it. Give whoever took Jack a little hell from us,” Comox said, a rather fiery thing for the diffident Boldwing.
“There will be hell to pay, one way or another. Make sure there’s some tea ready for when we get back,” smiled Zyra before she followed Ardon up the ramp.
Forge and Vonriir were among the last to board the transport, being the largest passengers. The dragons settled in the main hold area and once they were cleared for takeoff they could hear the engines power up. Veyron had gone up to the observation deck with Mark and the others, wanting to be in the middle of it and hear any details that might come across. While the dragon was often too nosy for his own good, this was one benefit to having him along. Most of the group had been surprised about the wraith’s willingness to come along.
Ardon looked out the window and watched as the ground slowly fell away from them as they rose higher into the sky. We’re on our way, he thought, hoping Jack would know he wasn’t alone. He must know that they were coming for him, that his dragon wouldn’t sit idly by while he was missing. Ardon stared out the window, silent and brooding.
“We’ll find him, we’ve got clues to where he could be now,” said Zyra, walking up to the gold.
The dragon didn’t respond or make any sort of movement. Zyra sat down next to him, concerned look on her face. She knew, in some way, how Ardon felt but there was very little she could do to help it.
“The team have made huge strides already…. It’s only been a few days and we already narrowed down so much when we had the entire world to consider…” she tried to say optimistically. Ardon didn’t respond again and Zyra frowned.
“Can you even hear me? Are you listening?”
Ardon turned his gold eyes to her, sad, and without their usual spark. “Sorry. My mind feels lost in a fog.” He replied. Zyra immediately felt back for getting a little irritated at his lack of response at first.
“Well find it,” rumbled Forge, having overheard, “You’ll need it if we encounter whoever took Jack.”
Ardon cast him a brief look before turning back to the window.
“Sir, cut him a little slack,” said Vonriir quietly, “He knows what needs to happen. We can’t pretend to know his difficulty with the separation, being unbonded ourselves.”
“No,” said Forge, looking away, “No we can’t, can we?”
“Don’t worry, Ardon. We’ll get him back soon enough and this feeling will go away,” Zyra said in a quiet tone.
Ardon nodded, “If we found him in the next minute it wouldn’t be soon enough.”

While there was a lull in conversation at the front of the transport, Veyron took to organizing his back of tricks that he had brought along.
He had come a long way since he arrived with that very same leather bag on his first infiltration of T5. In it he had possessed the most rudimentary of tools, stolen wallets, cards and cash and perhaps a little food. Over his time in his new home, the little dragon managed to acquire a slew of things to add to his mini arsenal. Tools of the trade, researched and purchased with great consideration. He managed to find items of lightweight but durable material. Compact screwdrivers and multitools, a blade and other items that he often found useful when getting in and out of places that otherwise wished to have no uninvited guests.
Once he ensured everything was in its place, Veyron clipped the bag closed and sat against it, waiting for them to arrive. He bit into a croissant that he had pilfered from the transports lunch room as well as a nectarine, tossing in in his paw while they journeyed on.
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Unread Sep 20th, 2017, 12:58 PM   #27
Black & White
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Jack stirred awake as his eyes fluttered open, he winced at the bright light that entered his eyes, he had to close them for a moment before opening them once more, allowing his golden eyes to slowly adjust to the light.
Jack was aching all over and soon discovered his hands and legs were tied in chains, he was dangling from a hook linked up to the chains, no wonder his arms ached so much, he also felt some pain in his neck and side.
Jack glanced to see marks on his body, his short removed, as he focussed in looking he could see what looked like holes that had been cleaned up, like syringes, some dried blood still on his skin, it appeared whoever had captured him had taken blood from him and a fair bit of it as he was feeling weak and dizzy.
Jack managed to come around to take in his surroundings, it looked like they were underground, judging by the protruding rocks out of the ceiling and walls but the rest looked advanced man-made walls with LED lighting, it looked clean and kept spotless, the only beam of light was above him perhaps to keep him disorientated to throw Jack off working out where he was.
Jack looked up and tried to get out of the chains but his arms ached too much to provide enough resistance, it seemed he been hanging there for a good couple of days and only come round now, last thing he remembered was being ambushed in London.
Soon the man heard footsteps approaching as two sliding doors opened up and men dressed in biohazard overalls came, one pressing a button to lower the pole down, he felt his feet touch the ground and his arms full of lactic acid were like jelly, unable to move as Jack wanted.
The men put the man on a chair and locked him in place, before moving off, Jack was fine sitting for now, it gave his tired limbs a rest, his mouth was dry and he wanted water.
Soon another person entered the room, a man dressed smartly and stood before the man, then another set of footsteps came, they seemed lighter than the man standing before him but Jack soon recognized the voice, it was familiar as he had heard it before.
“Comfortable?” the voice asked, it was female and one Jack knew very well.
“Maria…” Jack managed to say, his words came out hoarse and gruffly as he spoke with a dry mouth combined with tiredness.
The woman looked at the man before Jack and spoke.
“See?, I told you he know me, but he has my name all wrong, Maria Ford was my cover name back in the UAE, I cannot tell you how surprised I was to hear of your escape” she said with bemusement in her voice.
Jack did not reply as he listened in, the man looked tired and it was showing quite clearly, the strong and confident man of Torchwood 5 was vulnerable and it seemed they exploited him when he was unconscious.
“Seems you have an admirer Mr Harkness, My name is Doctor Kimato, head of this facility, I believe you know my associate here, the one who brought you to us” the man said in English but held a Japanese accent.
“Where…where am I” Jack managed to say, he could not feel Ardon near and his heart felt empty, the man was a long way away from home.
“No questions, you are here to provide us with a gift, thanks to Maria here, we have obtained..unique technologies, thanks to our provider TechnologyWorld sector 013, we have technology I can only of dreamed of years ago” the man said.
Jack seemed to huff listening to the man as he did not respond to the questions.
“You probably have noticed marks on your body, while you were unconscious we have obtained a significant amount of blood samples from you, sadly we needed a fair bit of blood from you and we knew it would not come willingly” the doctor said.
“Why….” Jack managed to croak out, coughing.
“Wouldn’t you like to know” grinned the woman slyly as the Doctor spoke again.
“Enough of this, we have enough material, we just need some more DNA buried deep, once we get it then we will accelerate the process” the doctor said as he clicked his fingers as another man in a biohazard suit appeared and was carrying a large syringe.
“Go through the muscle in the back and get the sample2 the doctor instructed as the man approached.
Maria approached with a sly smile grabbing the man’s face and making him look up at her, a cruel look upon her face.
“Just imagine this pain amplified, perhaps then you understand my need for justice from you and your army of mishaps” Maria said as the Syringe was plunged into Jacks back and the man gritted his teeth but as the syringe went deeper it became hard not to cry out in pain right when it got to the man’s spine, unable to move and chain down in the chair.

The large transport trundled towards Japan, crossing over countries to reach the land of the rising sun, for most of them it would be the second time in this region but first time in Japan itself, it soon turned Dark as Melina nodded off on one of the beds along with Mark on another.
The transport was comfortable, with enough space for all of them, sadly still not enough room to stand for long as a silence was about in the hold.
Zyra looked over at Ardon as the gold suddenly lifted his head and looked alarmed.
"What is it?"
The gold began to shake slightly, feeling a phantom pain come across through the link.
The shuttle shook a little from turbulence in the atmosphere as they travelled onwards, Mark not bothered by it was still asleep in his bed.
Zyra went to fetch Melina, touching h r shoulder gently to wake her.
"Mel, Ardys feeling unwell," she explained.
Melina open her eyes and got out of bed, grabbing her medical kit nearby as she followed the bold wing across to the other side where Ardon was, still trembling and looking unwell.
“Hey, Ardon, what is the matter” Melina asked softly to the gold, as she opened her medical bag.
"I think they're hurting him..." said the dragon, turning to her, his expression a mixture or horror and anger.
Melina checked on her tablet and synced it up to the ETA from the onboard computer, they were still 4 hours away.
“Your sensing that?, from this distance?, I thought you had to be in close proximity or a few miles to even get a whisper” Melina said checking the dragon’s vitals.
"I don't know. When I was a hatchling I felt it... when he was taken on Kilara." He said, looking distressed.
"We need to hurry,"
Melina seemed concerned, the dragon had elevated adrenaline levels and seemed stressed, the poor gold was worried.
“Ardon, we are going as fast as we can, it’s a big transport ship, more comfort, less speed, we be there in another 4 hours, I can give you something to relax” Melina suggested.
"No," said the gold, getting up suddenly as he began to pace.
"Ardon," said Zyra but she knew that it was on little use. Nothing would calm Ardon down, not in a state like this.
Melina seemed a little at a loss, looking up at Forge who was observing the situation as the professor packed away her kit and petted Zyra on the muzzle.
“I best try and get another few hours Zy” Melina said with a sigh.
"There's little we can do right now," said Zyra quietly to her Attilu. "Get some rest. I'll stay out here and make sure he doesn't go jumping out of the ship."
Melina nodded and left to go back to her bed, worrying for the poor gold dragon, she thought it might be worry but she did wonder if their bond was the first, strongest and most powerful, maybe Ardon could sense far more than anyone else bonded.
"Keep your head, Ardon," said Forge, though he understood the gold's distress. Watching him pace back and forth seemed to agitate the room, however.
"I can't."
"You must," said forge firmly. "You're no use to him if you go flying into a rage."
“Can you keep it down, got another 4 hours to go, if your going to pace do it quietly” grumbled Mark hearing the young dragon pace and growl.
"Mark..." said Zyra quietly, hoping that the man would recall her earlier request for patience with Ardon.
“Urgh alright, I use ear plugs” he moaned drawing a curtain and turning out the light so he could go back to sleep, as the transport shook again due to turbulence, it would be a long flight still.
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the listener
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Back at the base Comox was sitting in the command center going over the large number of files they had collected in relation to Jack’s kidnapping. It was now the male’s job to search out anything that they might have missed. The Boldwing had sharp eyes and a talent for seeing minute things that might go overlooked.
He briefly raised his head, hearing Hitteki enter the room.
“Hey,” he said to her, turning back to the screen. “They should be landing soon, I think. Almost that time now. Just working on going over these recordings.” He explained.
"I do hope they be ok, it must be awful for guardian Ardon," Hitteki said to the male bold wing.
Comox nodded solemnly. The gold had been a mess. He wondered how he was going now. He must be beside himself, he imagined.
"Yeah, I know nothing about being bonded but from what they've told me it is not a nice thing to experience... being lost from your Attilu," said Comox as they went over the security footage to see if they had missed anything.
"Yeah, I can't imagine, Commander Jack and Guardian Ardon seem very close to one another2 Hitteki said sitting a little closer to Comox.
"Hm, yes," said Comox, focusing on the screen. He leaned away slightly, always the nervous sort but tried to keep busy with his task. He looked over a forty three second stretch of recording, playing over a few times as his eyes scanned the screen.
"I did notice something a little strange on the recording earlier..."
"Oh? what is that sir?" Hitteki said looking up at the screen.
"Ardon comes running out, lit up, right?" He said, pausing the video briefly to show what he meant. Ardon was frozen upon the screen, teeth barred, paused in the middle of rearing up onto his hind legs. The dragon looked like something you would never want to cross yet glorious at the same time, shimmering gold. "When your Attilu is in danger it ignites. Helps protect them I guess. Gives the wielder special abilities and such…. But when Zyra shows up she's glowing too. I don't get it. As far as I know, the dragon’s Brathille will only light "
"Oh, maybe the professor was worried and she ignited because of that worry" Hitteki suggested.
The Boldwing seemed to consider this a moment before nodding.
“Perhaps,” he said, before he moved onto the next video clip.

On the transport the dragons, save for Ardon had taken the opportunity to rest as much as they could before their arrival. The gold dragon was still pacing back and forth like a caged lion, stressed and trying to figure out what he was feeling through the link. The suggestion of pain had now subsided for the most part and there was no severering of the link itself so he had hope.
Zyra stayed close by but nothing she said or did seem to put the gold at ease.
She watched him with a worried expression, feeling his anxiety over the whole thing. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like, not knowing where Melina was and knowing she was in pain. The dragoness did her best to keep herself composed.
Just then there was a shift with the transport. Not turbulence this time, but they could feel the ship beginning to make its descent.
Veyron jumped towards the window, looking at the world below as they began to make their way through the clouds. He tilted his head slightly, taking in the sight before jumping down as Ardon came over to look. He could hear Zyra trying to talk to him while he walked over to the bunks where the humans slept. Melina seemed to be already getting up as he walked past her bunk.
"Wake up, chief," said Veyron, hopping into the edge of the mattress where Mark was trying to get some rest. “We’re nearly there.”
"Urgh, that was allot quicker than I thought, seems we have some speed on our side, my ears popped so we must be lowering in altitude," Mark said getting up.
"Yep. Getting there. Zyra is trying to rein in the golden wonder so he doesn't go shooting off the moment the doors open. The plans to talk to this woman and take it from there?"
"Yes and keep it civil and polite, Torchwood 9 is the second largest facility and the Japanese respect codes and honour among other things highly, we break that and they will not be tolerant of our presence," Mark said.
"Are you telling ME this specifically?" Grinned the wraith.
"Everyone, we must be respectful or we be kicked out," Mark assertively said to everyone.
“Geeze, not the most generous hosts it seems like,” said Veyron as he assumed his place upon Mark’s shoulder.
Forge and the others had gotten to their feet, ready to disembark as soon as they landed. It had been a few years since the silver had been to the country though the memories of this place had not been the best.
“Steady, Ardon. We’re getting there,” said Vonriir, “One step closer to getting Jack back.”
Ardon nodded, sitting as he waited, trying to do so patiently.
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The large transport lowered down and was approaching Sado island, which was towards the mainland Japan, there was a small town to the south but the rest seemed like untamed woodlands, this seem to have rocky hills with mist journeying over the top.
“We must be approaching Torchwood 9, they based in Tachigahirayama, a remote area on Sado Island towards the north” Mark said to the dragons as Melina peered out the window as the transport slowed down.
“Looks pretty” Melina commented, she looked to see tall trees and there did not seem to be much human habitants where they were flying.
All of a sudden, an alert sounded as 4 white blurs shot past close to the transport, passing by the windows taking the occupants by surprise as they came around for another pass, they were fighters marked with a big red circle on the wings.
The dragons heard, then saw the fighters fly past. "Escort? Seems a bit much," said Forge.
The fighters seemed to be escorting the transport, keeping close and tracking as Melina and others observed inside.
“Mark to the cockpit” came an announcement as Mark left the others to go to the cockpit and see what the problem was and if they needed clearance.
The dragons turned to look at Mark as he was requested to the bridge.
Veyron didn't seem to budge from the man's shoulder, set to go along with him and find out what was going on.
“I wouldn’t worry about it, just usual procedure I’m guessing, I must admit I’m excited to see their base and facilities, can’t be any better than ours” Melina said jokingly, but Zyra would feel Melina being proud of her labs.
The dragoness smiled slightly. It was always interesting visiting another torchwood facility.
The transport slowed as it seemed to be approaching a high rocky hill, perhaps a high peak but it appeared the transport was heading for it.
As everyone peered out the windows there were defence turrets, one had rockets locked onto the ship and the other was a tower like structure following their move closely, it felt a little uneasy as they were allies and part of the Torchwood family of facilities, to be treated with suspicion and caution.
"Why are their defence systems locked onto us? We are allies are we not?" Said Forge with a hint of disapproval in his voice.
"Just a precaution I'm sure," Vonriir piped up.
Melina agreed but there was concern from the professor as she watched and saw the defensive structures, soon the fighters seemed to hover and then before their eyes, change into mech like vehicles, hovering with boosters.
“Wow, Zyra look at this, I’m no engineer but these fighters are double use, they fighters and mech like units, that is incredible, professor Baxter would kill to see this” Melina said.
"This all feels so much for high tech than what we have got going on back home," the dragoness replied.
Melina frowned looking at Zyra before she looked back out as the transport entered the rocky mountain, they were greeted with pure brilliant white tiles and a very open and spacious hanger, it looked pristine, no burn marks or anything on the sparkling floor.
The transport lowered its landing gear and came in to land, just as security officers and soldiers began to enter the hanger, the once fighters were now mechs surrounding the transport as all eyes seemed to be on them as the big doors to the outside world shut closed.
Mark came down from the cockpit as the transport landed to speak to the team, Veyron perched on his shoulder.
"So what's going on?" Asked Ardon as he saw Mark return.
Mark looked at the team and spoke.
“Well, we are about to be surrounded by soldiers and mechs, the woman is on her way, we also to be greeted by…their surprise” Mark said, the man looked a little off.
“Surprise?” Melina queried.
"Surprise? What surprise?" Asked Ardon? Hopeful that it could be Jack.
"Oh... a delight for your eyes kinda surprise," grinned Veyron. "It'll blow your mind."
"What do you mean?" Asked Zyra, tilting her head in confusion.
"Enough with the suspense, let's go see." Said Vonriir.
Melina took a deep breath and stood by the rear transport doors, entering a code to unlock the massive transport doors and the ramp so they could go down.
“Here we go” Melina said pressing the button as the doors opened and the ramp was deployed, soon they could see men standing in oriental style samurai uniforms pointing guns at them but, they were not alone here.
Melina gasped as her eyes came in contact with something that was impossible, or it seemed until she saw what else greeted them.
Dark scales mingled in with mint green markings, horns elegant, a lightly angled face with mint green eyes observing them closely, expression one of fiery intent but professionalism as this creature stood proudly before the Torchwood 5 team…a dragon, oriental in nature, snake like with coils, fur going along its back to a tail that swayed from side to side.
The group of dragons looked stunned at the wingless dragon before them. Forge seemed to be the only one unfazed by her presence; his critical eye was focused on the weapons drawn on them.
The Dragoness looked at them, keeping her eyes focussed on them, she spoke in Japanese as the troops moved aside allowing her to move forward.
“Who is the dragon leader of this group” she assertively said to the dragons as the humans watched cautiously as they were surrounded.
Forge would have naturally stepped forward but this was torchwood business. He looked at Ardon as the gold stepped forward.
"I am. My name is Ardon, guardian of Jack Harkness and head of the dragon academy."
The dragoness looked down at the young dragon before her, an adolescent male dragon, the female dragoness did not show much emotion as she spoke.
“Swear by your honour of your soul and code that you will be respectful, tolerant and obey our rules and code of honour while in our facility” the dragoness said.
Mark looked and listened as the dragoness spoke, the voice obviously female.
"We swear," said Ardon, dipping his head respectfully as the other dragons followed his lead. "Thank you for allowing us here."
The female raised herp aw as the soldiers lowered their weapons and most of them along with the mechs left as the sound of footsteps could be heard as a woman dressed smartly approached them, Mark knew who it was as two other people were walking with her.
A young Japanese female, smooth long hair and looked to be dressed in military or security style gear and the other was a man with jet black hair and wore small, circular spectacles, wearing a lab coat.
Mark approached and gave a polite bow as Melina kept close to the man as a few soldiers still kept close.
“Mark De Santa I presume?” the woman said as Mark nodded.
“Yes, Mark de Santa, 2nd in command of Torchwood 5, here is professor Melina Goodwin, head of medical and scientific operations at our branch” Mark said.
“Anne Summerfield, this is Commander Tahara, she is head of security and strategic operations and Dr Tatsu Muoyora, head of scientific applications here” the woman said as Mark shook their hands along with Melina as they spoke about the situation and procedures in Torchwood 9.

The dragons moved towards where the dragoness was, hoping to speak with her while the humans spoke.
"May we ask your name?" Asked Zyra kindly as the others seemed to linger and wish to hear what she might say. Veyron, however was standing up on Marks shoulder Almost looking like he was trying to stand in a regal fashion.
“My name is Asuka, I am a resident and defender of Torchwood 9, I have sworn an oath of loyalty to that cause” she said, her tone direct and professional.
“You are from the London Dragon Academy, if I am correct” Asuka asked.
"We are," nodded Ardon.
"How long have you been a resident here?" He inquired. "We had no idea there was another dragon Earth side."
Asuka tried to recall, “I have always been here, treated well and trained in the arts of this land, I see you have an array of dragons, all shapes and sizes it seems, who are the others” Asuka asked.
Zyra and Ardon exchanged a brief look at finding out she had been another dragon who hadn't come from Kilara.
"The dragons before you are the other members of facility 5. This is Doctor Zyra, bonded guardian to Professor Melina Goodwin. My site-brother, Forge and Vonriir." He said as he introduced everyone.
Asuka looked up to see Forge and Vonriir, big, bulky dragons, the female seemed to take Forge’s size up eye movements but spoke.
“You are both very impressive dragons, if I may say, I do not see many dragons here but I am use to my own company and my responsibilities” Asuka said to Forge and Vonriir.
"May I ask Why have you never reached out to the academy before?" Asked the silver.
Asuka seemed to find the question from the silver a little bizarre.
“Why would I?, there is no need, I am here doing my duty, there is no need for me to leave here” she said to the silver assertively.
"I didn't intend to imply that you should leave. Simply reach out. The academy is the central resource for dragons on earth. Ardon wishes to ensure that no one is ever without help," explained Forge.
"We like to keep in contact with our kind here, for safety reasons as well," added the gold.
Asuka did not seemed to appreciate their comments about her home.
"From what I've read on reports, it is a elite club for attention dragons, plus Torchwood 5 is seen by some as humans say, spoilt child of the organisation" She responded.
Ardon frowned and the others seemed a bit put off by this comment.
"Our involvement with the media is our cover story and helps promote peace and security between us and humans. As for the spoilt child aspect, I'm afraid I don't follow,"
"You get the most funds, the most support, your leader has favourite branches and does not communicate with others, until now you did not know I existed" Asuka countered, using her claws to make the points.
"You could have reached out to us just as easily," countered Ardon.
Zyra gave him to look to ensure he kept his temper reined in.
Veyron heard the tone of Ardon's voice and scampered over, brushing back his ruff he smiled up at Asuka.
"Oh I'm sure we don't mean to quarrel, especially as a host as lovely as you," he smiled. "Excuse my dear golden friend here. He's a bit out of sorts with the trouble we've had and all."
Zyra looked down at the wraith, surprised that he of all dragons was trying to be diplomatic.
Asuka mint green eyes fell upon the small wraith, he seemed more polite and diplomatic than the others, but she sensed something from she did not like but went along with it.
" Another dragon, one who knows the tongue of civility and politeness" Asuka said to the others as Veyron went on the charm offensive.
Veyron smiled at this, much to everyone's confusion. "Were all a little weary so please excuse any misstep on our part."
“It is a long way from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, I find the title of the country amusing if not a little vain, but I do like the history, it is something I like to do” Asuka said, hinting the dragon could read and write, not just in Japanese but also English.
Soon the humans came across to the dragons, there were bracelets being carried by the one staff member and Asuka grabbed the others brought on a hover truck.
“While your within our facility we expect you to adhere to the rules and customs, we also want all of you to wear these bracelets while on site, the sizes can adjust and for human and dragons, wearing them while on the base” Anne said assertively.
"Is this really necessary?" asked Ardon. The others didn't seem all that impressed to be required to wear them either.
"Standard procedure for outsiders, there is no discussion, if you refuse to wear them, then you can go back on the transport, simple as that” Commander Tahara said, not interested in their objections.
Ardon wanted to protest but Zyra touched the edge of her wing to his. He reined himself in and knew that they were their only shot at getting help finding Jack so he had to obey.
"Fine," he said, putting his on while the others followed suit.
Mark and Melina had hers as they brought one for Veyron, Mark took it and handed it to the wraith, “You too Mr, or we be walking home” Mark said to Veyron as Asuka watched them all carefully.
"How in the hell," said Veyron, holding up the bracelet. It was far too large for his wrist so he pulled it over his head like a necklace instead.
Asuka seemed to be a little amused as the wraith put it over his head.
“Keep it on at all times, please, it is now locked to you, if you don’t wear it our systems will sound off, I dislike a charming dragon as yourself get into…trouble” Asuka replied to the wraith.
Veyron winked and shot her a smile, "of course not."
Once everyone had the bracelets on, Takara seemed satisfied and gestured to the remaining soldiers to depart as Anne seemed to sign for their authorization to be on the base.
“We do have quarters for all of you in the lower levels, section B, you have that area to yourselves and have facilities there for all of you, including the dragons” Dr Tatsu said to the group.
“I don't know if we intend to stay long..." said Ardon. "But thank you. It's greatly appreciated."
“We need to locate the energy, until then we will be hosting you, we will ensure our objections are met within this organization but there are out of bound areas that are restricted access” Anne said, her professional but emotionless tone made her seem a little cold on the team.
"Fair enough," said Zyra.
"Where should we be mindful of?" Asked forge. "We would not want to intrude by mistake."
“We ensure you know, Asuka has some good flying spots to stretch your wings outside of prying eyes, we ask you stick to the area” Tahara said as Anne nodded.
“Follow us down to the lower levels” Anne said as she walked off as the others followed, Mark hung back to speak to Forge and Vonriir.
“I had to sign a declaration that you two being the big boys here be on best behaviour, so my neck is on the line” Mark said.
"We won't do anything to risk it," Vonriir assured him. Forge nodded, "we understand."
“Good, apparently there is very open and large training facilities here, oriental in nature of course but an ideal place to hone your skills while we look for Jack” Mark said.
Forge nodded. "Perhaps Ardon could let out some of his anxious energy."
Mark agreed as Anne spoke.
“This way” she said assertively as two large doors opened and a very large cargo pad was before them, this was on a slope so it would go down at a 40 degree angle.
Once everyone was aboard the doors closed, Anne hit the button and the pad lowered down, as they ventured down, Mark noticed how white and pristine all the tiles were, the lights placed to give a warm and professional look and he could see drawings of Japanese architecture on some of the tiles, so far the base impressed the American.
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